New Teacher Resources

Starting your first year of teaching in your own classroom is an exciting but also overwhelming time. We know because we’ve been there. Together with our Advisory Board of veteran teachers, guided by feedback and experiences of our TeacherVision community, we curated a collection of resources to support new teachers.

Browse advice for new teachers, lesson planning resources (including printable templates), tips and advice for starting the school year, support with classroom management and classroom organization and so much more. Whether you're a first year teacher of elementary school, middle school or high school, these resources will help you grow and thrive as a new teacher.

New Teacher Support - Toolkits and Resource Collections for New Teachers

Getting started:

Start with the New Teacher Starter Toolkit packed with teaching tips, advice and handy teaching templates and resources for new teachers, and the Classroom Essentials for help with classroom management setting up your classroom. Then, Level Up with our professional development and self-care resources.

Want to dig deeper? You will find links to new teacher resources for all the teaching topics you need below.

Library of Resources for New Teachers

Get help with classroom and behavior management, lesson planning methodologies, the first day as a new teacher, maintaining both authority and fairness, assessing your students' work, teaching English-language learners and students with special needs, forming a relationship with parents, and more. You'll also find printable forms, teacher templates, awards, and graphic organizers to help you in planning your lessons and your curriculum for the whole year.

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Advice for New Teachers Assessment Inclusion Strategies First Day As a New Teacher Teacher/Parent Relationships Homework Classroom Environment & Culture Classroom Organization Lesson Planning Professional Development Classroom Management Teaching Methods and Strategies Social-Emotional Learning

Advice for New Teachers

Check our tips and suggestions for new teachers in these resources including teaching hints your first year, how to manage behavior, collaborating with parents, and much more.

Assessment Resources for New Teachers

Learn about assessment vs. evaluation, rubrics, scantrons, and more using our resources for new teachers.

Inclusion Strategies in the Classroom

These resources will help you understand and implement strategies for managing and fostering an inclusive classroom.

First Day As a New Teacher

Use these resources to help your first year begin in a positive and stress-free way. Includes ideas to be prepared before the year starts, activities for the first day, and much more.

Parent/Teacher Relationships

As a new teacher, use our resources to learn how to interact with parents and help you achieve parent involvement in your classroom which ultimately leads to student success.


Articles on the effectiveness of homework and how much to give, along with a customizable and organizational homework checklist, are among the resources to choose from in this section.

Classroom Environment and Culture

Creating a workable and positive classroom atmosphere is easy using our resources. Includes tips on securing supplies, classroom arrangement and organization, along with ideas for bulletin boards.

Classroom Organization

Choose from these different pre-made forms to help you when a student needs a pass out of class, or you need help organizing grades or lesson plans. Some forms are customizable.

Lesson Planning for New Teachers

These resources include advice on planning from veteran teachers, help structuring lessons and lesson plans, as well as organizational tips.

Professional Development for New Teachers

If you enjoyed these resources for New Teachers, click the links below on our resources for other informative articles to help you teach effectively.

Classroom Management

Classroom management will be less of a concern with our resources including creating rules, classroom management strategies, advice for implementing, and much more.

Teaching Methods and Strategies

All teachers, but especially new teachers, will find these Teaching Methods and Strategies resources very helpful in setting up and structuring your lessons and classroom.

Social-Emotional Learning

Browse through our resources, Dealing with Social/Emotional Issues, to find helpful articles and useful classroom activities such as resolving conflict.

Recommended New Teacher Resources Resources

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