How to Incorporate Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

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This practical teaching resource gives you 5 teacher-tested strategies to help you include cultural diversity in the classroom. Included are activities for involving families from different cultures and ethnicities in classroom activities, remaking your classroom library, partnering with community organizations, and more.

As a bonus, the resource includes a list of diversity in education professionals that you can follow and look to for additional tips and advice on culturally responsive teaching.

Whether you are trying to help students and families from diverse backgrounds and cultures or would simply like to broaden your students' perspectives, these "how to" activities, developed by an educator working actively in a multicultural classroom, will help you incorporate cultural awareness on an everyday basis.

Incorporate cultural diversity in your classroom with these 6 tips from our packet!

Bring Families Into the Classroom

Our diverse students bring rich diversity into the learning environment, whether that is with their experiences, their cultural differences, or their personalities. To recognize and celebrate their diversity, it is important to learn where it comes from through families.

Classroom Library Equity Check

All students should be able to see themselves reflected in the books on the shelves of an inclusive classroom, but our classroom libraries are also an opportunity to introduce students to cultures and stories that are different from their own.

Develop Community Partnerships

This will introduce students to the diversity around them, and it will also emphasize that the work we do in the classroom is valuable in helping the community.

Center Student Joy

Celebrating diverse perspectives also emphasizes the things, like joy, that connect us and prevents individuals from holding onto stereotypes or one dimensional stories of others based on their different race, religion, experience or culture.

Student Choice Menus

If we are celebrating diversity, then we need to make sure each student is able to express their learning experiences in a way that works for them. Student choice menus give students options.

Diversity in Education Professionals to Follow

To stay updated on best practices and professional development resources and lesson plans, follow any or all of these diversity professionals!
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