What's Your TeacherVision? Workbook

What's Your Teacher Vision - Reflection Workbook for Teachers
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Julie Mason, Head of Content and Curriculum, designed this self-reflection workbook to support you, to celebrate your success, address challenges, and craft your vision for teaching. It is also a supplemental resource for the What's Your Teacher Vision? webinar.

What You'll Find Inside

PRO Reflection Protocol

  • Why We Created This Workbook
  • PRO Reflection Framework
  • Teaching Reflection Guiding Questions

Teaching Core Values

  • Teaching Core Values Exercise
  • Values Examples
  • What's Your TeacherVision

    • Brainstorming Your Teacher Vision
    • Teacher Notes and Example
    • What's Your TeacherVision Template

    Student Reflection Protocols

    • Teacher Notes
    • Glows and Grows Printable
    • Self-Assessment Scale Printable
    • Stars and Steps Printable
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