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Veterans Day is observed on November 11 each year, originally in commemoration of the armistice of World War I. Use TeacherVision's cross-curricular Veterans Day lessons, printables, and resources to help students understand the contributions veterans have made to the country. There are Veterans Day worksheets to honor heroes, facts about flags, pop-up art books to make, literature guides, patriotic songs, historical references, and many more educational activities for your students of all grade levels.

Veterans Day Activity Packets
These packets feature a variety of ELA, science, math, and social studies activities for K-8 classrooms.
Veterans Day Videos
Expand your lessons and increase students' knowledge of Veteran's Day with these short videos and extension activities geared to different grade level groups.
Use our printables to enhance your teaching strategies about Veteran's Day. Includes the biography of John McCain and activities, creating a stamp for ANZAC Day, and reading warm-ups.
Lesson Plans
Choose from our Lesson Plans to expand your students' knowledge through writing a class newspaper, reading a story about Veteran's Day with accompanying comprehension questions, and learning more about poetry by reading a Veteran's Day poem.
Reading & Language Arts Resources
Teach your students about Veteran's Day through reading books with activities, studying poetry, and using writing skills by arranging sentences into paragraph order.
Choice Boards
Music Activities
Interconnect music into your lessons on Veteran's Day and expand students' knowledge by teaching about the background of the National Anthem and other patriotic songs.
Social Studies Resources
Explore our Social Studies Resources to extend students' learning through videos with activities, studying the history of the draft, and suggestions with detailed information on organizing school-wide activities for Veteran's Day.
History Resources
Students' knowledge of history will be expanded with these resources. Includes an article about the Congressional Medal of Honor with recipient's names, a chart of U.S. casualties of major wars, and a study of battles that were important in history.

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