Report Card Comments — Academic Achievement & Improvement

205 ready-to-use comments and phrases on academic achievement, improvement, and student progress to use while completing report cards. This free bank of editable and customizable comments and phrases includes positive feedback and suggestions for areas that need improvement. There are general comments suitable for any grade level as well as examples for elementary school, middle school, and high school reports. These comments can also be used during parent-teacher conferences.

Academic Achievement, Improvement & Student Progress Comments — All Grades

Positive Comments:

  • ______ has shown exceptional growth in _______ and continues to excel.

  • ______'s progress in _______ has been impressive; [he/she] has a strong understanding of _______.

  • ______ has shown a great understanding of _______ .

  • ______'s _______ skills have significantly improved.

  • ______ has shown a strong grasp of complex mathematical concepts.

  • ______ has demonstrated a deep understanding of _______ studied in class.

  • ______'s passion for learning is evident in [his/her] consistent academic performance.

  • ______'s understanding and application of _______ is excellent.

  • ______ consistently demonstrates a high level of dedication to academic tasks.

  • ______'s ability to approach complex problems with a positive attitude is commendable.

  • ______ has made significant strides in mastering new concepts.

  • ______'s dedication to ongoing learning is truly impressive.

  • ______'s improvement in critical thinking skills is noteworthy.

  • ______ has shown great resilience in overcoming academic challenges.

  • ______'s ability to analyze complex problems has greatly improved.

  • ______ consistently shows a positive and proactive approach to learning.

  • ______ has made remarkable progress in [his/her] overall academic performance.

  • ______'s tenacity in learning complex topics is commendable.

  • ______ has shown a consistent improvement in [his/her] problem-solving skills.

  • ______'s understanding of new concepts has been steadily improving.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ______ is encouraged to participate more in class discussions to enhance understanding.

  • ______ should spend more time on _______ homework to grasp concepts better.

  • ______ should focus more on improving _______ in written assignments.

  • ______'s understanding of _______ could be improved with additional study.

  • ______ would benefit from reviewing _______ with a tutor.

  • ______ should continue to work on _______ skills.

  • ______ is encouraged to seek help when struggling with _______.

  • ______ should focus on developing more detailed and coherent written responses.

  • ______ would benefit from spending more time on homework assignments to improve understanding.

  • ______ is encouraged to ask for clarification when instructions are not clear.

  • ______ has had difficulty with learning ______, so in the coming term we will focus on ______.

  • ______ could benefit from more time dedicated to revision and study.

  • ______ is encouraged to practice more to reinforce learned concepts.

  • ______ needs to take more initiative in seeking help when needed.

  • ______ should work on setting achievable academic goals.

  • ______ is encouraged to stay more focused during lessons to improve comprehension.

  • ______ should work on enhancing [his/her] note-taking skills to better retain information.

  • ______ needs to improve on [his/her] class preparation for more effective learning.

  • ______ should consider forming a study group for a better understanding of complex topics.

  • ______ could benefit from improving [his/her] test-taking strategies.

  • ______ should work on managing [his/her] study time more efficiently for better academic outcomes.

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Academic Achievement Comments for Elementary School

Positive Comments:

  • ______ consistently demonstrates enthusiasm for learning.

  • ______ is a quick learner and grasps new concepts well.

  • ______ has an exceptional ability in mathematics.

  • ______ shows excellent reading comprehension skills.

  • ______ is a creative thinker and it shows in [his/her] assignments.

  • ______ has shown great improvement in handwriting skills.

  • ______'s problem-solving skills are commendable.

  • ______ has an excellent grasp of scientific concepts.

  • ______ is skilled at working well on team projects.

  • ______ consistently produces high-quality work in art class.

  • ______'s growth in vocabulary skills is impressive.

  • ______'s ability to express ideas clearly in writing is noteworthy.

  • ______ has shown a significant improvement in [his/her] attention to detail.

  • ______'s curiosity and eagerness to learn new topics is commendable.

  • ______ demonstrates strong analytical thinking skills in math lessons.

  • ______ shows great initiative in seeking help when needed.

  • ______'s active participation in class discussions enhances learning for everyone.

  • ______ has shown a remarkable improvement in [his/her] ability to work independently.

  • ______'s commitment to daily reading is having a positive impact on [his/her] reading fluency.

  • ______ is making great strides in developing effective study habits.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ______ could benefit from more practice in reading to improve fluency.

  • ______ needs to work on following instructions more closely.

  • ______ should focus more on improving [his/her] spelling skills.

  • ______ would benefit from devoting more time to math homework.

  • ______ needs to participate more actively in class discussions.

  • ______ should work on improving [his/her] organizational skills.

  • ______ could benefit from more practice in writing to improve clarity.

  • ______ should work on improving [his/her] attention span during lessons.

  • ______ needs to spend more time on homework to reinforce learning.

  • ______ should focus more on improving [his/her] time-management skills.

  • ______ should spend more time reading to improve vocabulary.

  • ______ needs to practice more on math problems to enhance [his/her] problem-solving skills.

  • ______ could benefit from peer discussions to improve [his/her] social learning skills.

  • ______ should work on maintaining neatness and organization in [his/her] notebook.

  • ______ needs to put more effort into completing in-class assignments for a better understanding of topics.

  • ______ could improve in listening skills to follow instructions more accurately.

  • ______ should practice more at home to improve handwriting skills.

  • ______ needs to ask more questions in class to clear doubts.

  • ______ could benefit from using learning aids to understand complex topics.

  • ______ should work on improving [his/her] presentation skills for better class participation.

Academic Achievement Comments for Middle School

Positive Comments:

  • ______ is consistently engaged during class and contributes insightful thoughts.

  • ______'s assignments are always well thought out and thoroughly completed.

  • ______'s ability to grasp complex concepts is impressive.

  • ______ shows a great understanding of the class material and is always ready to take on more challenging tasks.

  • ______ has shown a commendable improvement in [his/her] writing skills.

  • ______'s ability to work well in group projects shows [his/her] strong teamwork skills.

  • ______'s enthusiasm for the subject is evident in [his/her] active class participation.

  • ______'s problem-solving skills are a strong asset to the class.

  • ______ is doing an excellent job at applying what [he/she] has learned to real-world situations.

  • ______'s eagerness to ask questions and seek understanding is commendable.

  • ______'s depth of knowledge in the subject matter is commendable.

  • ______'s consistent accuracy in assignments is impressive.

  • ______ has shown a remarkable improvement in [his/her] comprehension skills.

  • ______ consistently exhibits a positive attitude toward learning.

  • ______ has made significant progress in [his/her] critical thinking skills.

  • ______'s dedication to meeting academic challenges head-on is commendable.

  • ______'s mastery of new topics has been excellent.

  • ______ shows a high level of enthusiasm in group discussions.

  • ______'s consistent efforts to improve have led to great progress in all subjects.

  • ______'s ability to relate theoretical concepts to practical situations is impressive.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ______ needs to dedicate more time to studying to improve test scores.

  • More focus on homework assignments would greatly benefit ______'s understanding of the material.

  • ______ would benefit from seeking additional help on more challenging topics.

  • ______ should work on improving [his/her] time management skills to better handle classwork.

  • ______ could benefit from more active participation in class discussions.

  • ______ should continue to work on [his/her] mathematical skills.

  • ______ needs to focus more on proofreading [his/her] assignments to avoid careless mistakes.

  • ______ should devote more time to improving [his/her] writing skills.

  • ______'s grasp of the material could improve with additional studying.

  • ______ is encouraged to ask questions when concepts are not clear.

  • ______ needs to put more effort into group projects to support [his/her] peers.

  • ______ could benefit from utilizing school resources to improve [his/her] understanding of complex subjects.

  • ______ is encouraged to review class notes regularly to reinforce learning.

  • ______ should work on improving [his/her] listening skills to better understand class discussions.

  • ______ needs to focus more on class participation to enhance [his/her] learning experience.

  • ______ could benefit from setting specific academic goals to track [his/her] progress.

  • ______ should spend more time on revision to improve [his/her] test scores.

  • ______ needs to improve [his/her] organizational skills for better management of schoolwork.

  • ______ is encouraged to use feedback effectively to improve [his/her] assignments.

  • ______ should work on developing a consistent study schedule to improve academic performance.

Academic Achievement Comments for High School

Positive Comments:

  • ______ is consistently exceeding expectations in [his/her] coursework.

  • ______ has shown a remarkable ability to tackle complex concepts.

  • ______'s work ethic is commendable and sets a great example for peers.

  • ______'s dedication to [his/her] studies is evident in [his/her] academic accomplishments.

  • ______ has a deep understanding of the material that goes beyond the curriculum.

  • ______'s critical thinking skills have greatly improved and are impressive.

  • ______'s class participation enhances our discussions and learning environment.

  • ______ has shown significant improvement in [his/her] writing skills this term.

  • ______'s commitment to [his/her] science coursework is admirable and has resulted in excellent grades.

  • ______ has a positive attitude towards challenging tasks which is truly inspiring.

  • ______'s proficiency in problem-solving is exceptional and noteworthy.

  • ______ has made impressive strides in [his/her] mastery of complex mathematical concepts.

  • ______'s ability to maintain a high standard in all assignments is commendable.

  • ______ has shown a significant increase in [his/her] confidence when tackling academic challenges.

  • ______'s active engagement and insightful contributions in class discussions are exceptional.

  • ______ has shown a great improvement in [his/her] research and analytical skills.

  • ______'s consistent demonstration of initiative in learning is truly admirable.

  • ______'s growth in [his/her] understanding of the course material has been phenomenal.

  • ______'s dedication to [his/her] coursework is inspiring and has resulted in substantial academic progress.

  • ______'s resilience in overcoming academic difficulties is commendable and has led to impressive improvement.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ______ is encouraged to participate more in class to deepen [his/her] understanding of the material.

  • ______ could benefit from taking more time to complete assignments thoroughly.

  • ______ needs to put more effort into studying for exams to improve test scores.

  • ______ should focus on enhancing their problem-solving skills for better performance in math.

  • ______ is advised to seek assistance when struggling with complex concepts.

  • ______ has the potential to excel in science but needs to work on lab techniques.

  • ______ could improve their academic performance with better time management.

  • ______ needs to review their work for errors before submitting.

  • ______ is encouraged to make use of office hours for additional help.

  • ______ should aim to contribute more to group projects for a more balanced team effort.

  • ______ should work on improving note-taking skills for better information retention.

  • ______ could benefit from setting specific study goals to better track progress.

  • ______ needs to improve on time management for more effective learning.

  • ______ should consider seeking peer assistance for concept clarification.

  • ______ could enhance their understanding by engaging more in group study sessions.

  • ______ needs to practice more on problem-solving tasks to improve their skills.

  • ______ should work on improving their presentation skills to better communicate their understanding.

  • ______ could benefit from using additional resources to reinforce their learning.

  • ______ needs to improve their consistency in assignment completion to avoid last minute rush.

  • ______ should seek regular feedback to understand areas of improvement.

Phrases — Academic Achievement

Positive Comments:

  • ______ is strong in _____.

  • ______ has earned a very fine report card.

  • ______ has a vast background knowledge of _______.

  • ______ is a very fine and serious student and excels in ______.

  • ______ is working well in all basic subjects.

  • ______ is working above grade level in ______.

  • ______ is especially good at ______.

  • ______ demonstrates a high level of understanding in _______.

  • ______ consistently delivers high-quality work in _______.

  • ______ shows exceptional problem-solving skills in _______.

  • ______'s mastery of _______ is noteworthy.

  • ______ demonstrates impressive growth in _______.

  • ______ exhibits excellence in _______.

  • ______'s progress in _______ has been outstanding.

  • ______'s understanding and application of _______ is commendable.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ______ is capable of much better work.

  • ______ still needs guidance and support from both you and me.

  • ______ has been receiving low quiz/test scores.

  • ______ does not work up to her ability.

  • ______ has difficulty understanding the material.

  • ______ could benefit from putting more effort into studying.

  • ______ needs to improve focus during class.

  • ______ should work on improving organizational skills.

  • ______ requires additional practice on core concepts.

  • ______ should aim for more consistent class participation.

Phrases — Student Progress

  • ______ is continuing to grow in independence.

  • ______ has improved steadily.

  • ______ has been consistently progressing.

  • ______ has shown a good attitude about trying to improve in ______.

  • ______ seems eager to improve.

  • ______ has shown strong growth in _______.

  • ______ is making steady progress academically.

  • ______'s quality of work is improving.

  • ______ has strengthened [his/her] skills in ______.

  • ______ has shown an interest in improving ______.

  • ______ would improve if [he/she] developed a greater interest in _______.

  • ______ has made good progress this reporting period.

  • ______ is maturing well, and I hope this continues.

  • ______'s classroom attitude shows improvement.

  • ______ is improving [his/her] time management.

  • ______ is progressing in working independently.

  • ______ is better at applying learned concepts.

  • ______ is more willing to participate in discussions.

  • ______ has shown notable progress in _______.

  • ______ is developing a deeper understanding of _______.

  • ______ is showing consistent growth in their ability to _______.


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