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Kwanzaa always begins on December 26. Celebrate the African-American and Pan-African families, communities, and cultures with Kwanzaa resources, arts & crafts, lessons, and printables. We have lesson plans on the history of the holiday, activities to help your students learn more about the different aspects of Kwanzaa, printables for writing holiday poetry, project instructions for creating paper chains and wrapping paper, vocabulary lists, biographies of important Kwanzaa figures, and more! These activities are sure to increase your students' awareness of other cultures and beliefs.

Teach your students about Kwanzaa with these printables. Includes reading passages with cooperative group work, making gifts, learning vocabulary, as well as using a concept web and comparison chart.
Lesson Plans
Our Lesson Plans will help students understand Kwanzaa with activities such as creating potato print wrapping paper, reading folk tales with activities and researching folk tales on the internet and making a class presentation.
Art & Music Activities for Kwanzaa
Incorporate Kwanzaa activities into art class by making holiday paper chains with symbols, and choosing from our slideshow of other activities to expand students' learning.
Reading & Language Arts Activities for Kwanzaa
Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge. Includes writing an acrostic poem and celebrating Kwanzaa in your classroom with activities suggested for each day of the holiday.
Social Studies Activities for Kwanzaa
Explore Kwanzaa connections using these social studies resources to enhance your teaching strategies. Includes activities to introduce Kwanzaa in your class with an overview and the traditions of the holiday as well as writing poems using their knowledge.
More December Holidays
If you enjoyed these Kwanzaa resources and activities, click on the links below to explore more holidays which occur during the month of December.
Black History Resources
Use your students' knowledge of Kwanzaa to extend their learning of African-Americans using our Black History Resources. Includes reading biographical information on influential African-Americans as well as a writing prompt giving students practice on their creative thinking skills.
Winter Activities
Winter is a great time to extend your students' knowledge of the Winter Solstice and activities to predict and measure averages in the weather, as well as different types of weather.

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