Women's History Month Resources

March is Women’s History Month. Help your students learn about and celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture and society with our cross-curricular lesson plans, worksheets, projects, quizzes, and activities below.

Why Do We Celebrate Women's History Month?

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments and often overlooked contributions of women to American history, culture and society. Starting out as a local weeklong celebration in Sonoma County, California, the week of March 8 was officially declared National Women’s History Week. Later, in 1986, following a petition from the National Women’s History Project, the event was expanded to the entire month of March.

The Women's History Month theme 2022, selected by the National Women’s History Alliance, is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” The chosen theme is intended as “both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.”

What to Teach for Women’s History Month 2022?

These TeacherVision resources were commissioned or curated to give teachers a range of approaches for integrating Women’s History Month into the existing curriculum. You’ll find Women’s History Month activities for elementary, middle school and high school including information on Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Abigail Adams, Sacajawea, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, and many more talented and successful women. Use these Women’s History Month lesson plans, activity packets, quizzes, and printables to teach your students about the history of women’s rights and suffrage, International Women’s day, women in STEM and much more.

Choice Boards

These Women's History Month activities for elementary and middle school students are great student-choice early finisher or extension activities.

Themed Packets and Projects

These activity packets contains Women's History Month activities for ELA, math, science, and more!

Educational Videos

View our short videos about Women's History Month and expand your students' knowledge with the extension activities prepared for each video.

International Women's Day

Interesting facts and fun activities about International Women's Day are included in these resources, such as, making posters, creating slogans, or writing songs after researching facts.


Browse our collection of slideshows to find resources to enhance your curriculum of Women's History Month. Use our slideshows as a way to introduce your lesson or add to current learning.

Printable Quizzes

Test your students' knowledge about Women's History Month with these printable, multiple-choice quizzes on accomplishments of individual women or group movements.


Teach your students about Women's History Month with these printables such as creating a mini-book, reading passages and warm-ups with comprehension questions, and writing poems.


Our references include a timeline on the Women's Rights Movement, reading passages with comprehension questions, and a study of amendments, including those pertaining to women, to enhance your lessons.

Lesson Plans

Help students understand Women's History Month with activities such as completing internet research, writing a Declaration for Personal Rights, and designing a quilt pattern.

Women's Rights & Suffrage

Women's History Month is a great time to extend your students' knowledge of the struggle for women's rights and the suffrage movement with these slideshows, videos, art projects, and warm-ups.

Reading, Language Arts, & Women's History Connected

Choose from these activities to enhance your lessons and help students expand their knowledge through books, reading passages, and activities about the struggle of women throughout history.

Mathematics & Women's History Connected

Interconnect students' math skills, such as recognizing the properties of geometric shapes, measuring angles, and more, with your lessons on Women's History Month through making a quilt.

Science & Women's History Connected

Extend your students' learning and enhance your science lessons using these resources about Women's History Month. Includes reading passages with comprehension questions, warm-ups, and more.

Art & Women's History Connected

Incorporate art activities into your Women's History Month lessons by using our resources. Includes research with a follow-up art project, designing a quilt, and a coloring page.

Health, Physical Education, & Women's History Connected

These resources will increase students' knowledge about Women's History Month through reading passages, along with matching an athlete to her sport and researching her accomplishments.

Music & Women's History Connected

Women have been influential in the music field throughout history. Teach your students about their accomplishments with our research and listening to opera activities.

Mother's Day Resources

Students will have a lot to say about Moms. Browse through and use our lessons, printables, fun activities, and more, to help students to express themselves.

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