Mother's Day Resources & Printables

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and honors mothers, motherhood, and important female figures in our lives. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman festivals that honored mother goddesses, and ‘Mothering Sunday’ traditions from England in the Middle Ages. In the United States, Mother's Day started with Anna Jarvis, who campaigned relentlessly for the creation of the holiday in honor of her own mother.

Mother’s Day Resources and Printables

Explore Mother’s Day activities, worksheets, lesson plans, and quizzes for fun ways to celebrate this special holiday. Target reading and writing skills with printable reading comprehension and writing activities, or learn about the history of Mother’s Day and help students learn more about heredity.

Enjoy Mother’s day crafts and art projects, and inspire your students with gift ideas. Choose from card-making, Mother’s Day flowers, and coupon books, for fun and creative activities for your students to get involved in.

Mother’s Day Choice Boards

9 easy and fun independent or group practice activities that elementary students can do in class or at home to celebrate Mother's Day. Choose from ELA or Math activities, perfect for extension, early-finisher activities, or for setting up learning centers.

Mother’s Day Crafts & Gift Ideas

These themed packets include craft activities and gift ideas that students can make for moms, grandmothers, or another special person in their lives. The themed packet is filled with easy and low-cost ideas that say “Happy Mother’s Day” and the coupon book also doubles up as a fun Mother’s Day coloring page.

Language Arts Printables for Mother's Day

Incorporate reading and writing into your Mother’s Day lessons with these printable activities and worksheets. Fill in Mother’s Day mad libs for a thoughtful activity exploring grammar, expand students’ vocabulary with a word scramble, or have fun with a Mother’s Day game.

Social Studies Printables for Mother’s Day

Use these Mother's Day resources to help students learn more about the history and origins of Mother’s Day. Perfect for social studies and history lessons.

More Family-Themed Teaching Resources

For more lessons and printables that explore connections with families and caregivers, try these teaching resource collections.

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Recommended Mother's Day Resources

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