8 Must-Read Professional Development Books

TeacherVision Advisory Board Member, Olivia, shares her recommendations for the top eight professional development books that you should read this summer. Check out these titles for ways to learn more and grow your teaching practice.

Summer Reading Teacher Professional Development Books

Are you looking for some great professional development books to read this summer? Check out some of the following books to improve your teaching and learn something new. 

Wild Card

Hope King and Wade King

Wild Card - Teacher Professional Development

Need a little pick me up on ways to make your lessons more engaging? Do you need some help changing your teacher mindset as you come to school each day? This book walks you through a step-by-step guide to bring creative teaching into your classroom and provide a fun learning environment for your students.

Teach Like Your Hairs on Fire

Rafe Esquith

Teach Like Your Hairs on Fire - Teacher Professional Development

If you are looking for a great book that touches on real experiences in the classroom then this book is for you. Learn from someone who has experienced it first hand on the front lines, and then learn some strategies to use in your own classroom to help when facing these challenges.

The End of Molasses Classes

Ron Clark

Molasses Classes - Teacher Professional Development


Ron Clark is a well known educator who has amassed a dream worthy school full of fun, determined, and engaging educators. He gives endless examples of reaching those students that need just a little extra attention, all while making you a better teacher.

Take Control of The Noisy Class: From Chaos To Calm In 15 Seconds

Rob Plevin

Noisy Class

Do you constantly complain of a noisy and unruly class? Who are we kidding, we’re teachers, of course we do. This book takes you through every possible chaotic situation you can think of, and provides solutions you can use right away. The author even has excellent videos where he explains his thinking if you want to take your learning a step further.

Mathematical Mindsets

Jo Boaler

Mathematical Mindsets - Teacher Professional Development

This is an easy to read book that helps teachers, students, and parents identify that they can be successful at math. It all depends on the lens in which you choose to look through. Find strategies, thinking processes, and methods to encourage everyone to find the mathematician within.

The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading

Jan Richardson

Next Step Forward - Teacher Professional Development


These books have it all. Are you looking to up your guided reading game? Do you struggle to decide what to teach in those few precious moments your reading groups are at your table? This collection of resources provide everything you need to know to get your students to the next reading level. Whether it’s students who need a challenge, or those who just aren’t making the progress you want, you will find you answers here.

The Writing Strategies Book

Jennifer Serravallo

Writing Strategies Teacher Professional Development Book


Do you need more ideas and strategies to add to your bag of tricks when teaching literacy? These books provide hundreds of ideas, lessons, and interventions to help get your kiddos on track to reading at or above grade level. The best part? It even provides you with suggested strategies based on their level or area of difficulty.

The Book Whisperer

Donalyn Miller

Book Whisperer - Teacher Professional Development


Are you looking to engage and inspire the reader in every student? This author discusses her trials and tribulations towards finding the reader in the most reluctant of students. With simple yet easily implemented tips and tricks, and a list of titles sure to spark a love of books, this text will help take your teaching to the next level. 

Whether you plan to read on the beach, at the park, or on a plane, any of these titles will support your to grow your teaching practicing. 

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Olivia Bechtel is a first-grade teacher in Westerville, Ohio who loves implementing engaging, innovative lessons to inspire her students. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs.


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