Oceans - Teacher Resources

Teach your students about ocean life with our most popular oceans printables for kindergarten through 12th grade. Students will enjoy learning about oceanography with fun, hands-on science activities. You'll find handouts on ocean tides, hurricanes, marine biologists, and much more! There are plenty of resources appropriate for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school students.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Enhance your teaching strategies and students' knowledge with these mini-lessons and slideshows on the oceans. Use for introductory lessons or to extend current learning.


Teach your students about the oceans with these printables. Choose from our list to help your students understand how hurricanes form or how the moon influences the tides, and identifying ocean floor landforms.

Lesson Plans

Our Lesson Plans will help students understand the oceans with activities such as creating wave bottles, predicting and measuring, sand art, and much more.


Refer to our resources on the oceans to enhance your lessons and add to student learning. Some activities included in the reference information.

Digital Books

Expand your lessons with these Digital Books about the oceans and increase your students' knowledge. Add your own activities for the ocean to extend the learning.

Oceans & Art Connected

Incorporate art activities into your oceans lesson by creating sand art, practicing math skills with color by number, helping students develop science processing skills, and more.

Earth Day Activities

Add to your Earth Day Activities and lessons with our resources and help your students connect Earth Day to helping the oceans. Activities include estimation, problem solving, measuring, and calculating.

Oceans Activities for History Class

Keep students engaged with your lessons on the oceans by using our resources. Includes using underwater technology to find artifacts at the bottom of the sea, and a research project with writing prompts.

Social Studies & Oceans Connected

Students will enjoy your lessons on oceans when you interconnect them with social studies printables about the oceans or the Bermuda Triangle, as well as, a printable exam on plate tectonics.

Oceans Resources for Reading & Language Arts

Increase students' reading and writing skills as they learn about the oceans. Includes printables with vocabulary used in student-created sentences, STEM activities practicing writing and creativity skills, and more.

Science Activities on Oceans

Choose from these science activities to enhance your lessons on the oceans. Includes internet research and learning vocabulary, creating models for rain drops or currents and waves, along with creating a classroom museum.

Aquatic Animal Resources

Interesting facts and fun activities related to aquatic animals will extend students' knowledge. Includes printables on habitats and how animals use camouflage, a shark matching activity, and writing about the over-harvesting of fishing grounds.

Natural Disaster Resources

Grab students' attention and expand their learning with these resources about the history and science behind tsunamis, a cross-curricular printable about tracking a hurricane, and more.

Ecology Activities for Oceanography

Teach your students the importance of ecology using these activities such as printable warm-ups that help students practice reading skills, learning about animal habitats and how they use camouflage, and a reading passage about a well-known ecologist.

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