Native American Heritage Month Activities, Lesson Plans, and Printables

Native American Heritage Month Activities for Elementary Students

November is Native American Heritage Month


Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by exploring Native American history and culture in your classroom. Discover teaching ideas, lesson plans, printables, and more with these Native American Heritage Month Activities for elementary students, middle school students, and high school students!

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What is the History of Native American Heritage Month?

This month-long celebration started off as just one day set aside to acknowledge and recognize American Indians with the first American Indian Day being declared in May 1916 by the governor of New York. In 1990, following campaigns to have the holiday extended, November was officially designated National American Indian Heritage Month. The holiday has also been known as National Native American Heritage Month and National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

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3 Native American Heritage Month Activities for Elementary Students

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in your classroom by incorporating these engaging Native American Heritage Month activities for elementary students. These activities allow elementary students to explore indigenous history, culture, and current events.

1. Incorporate Native American Music into Lessons

Engage your elementary students in a unique way by integrating Native American music into your social studies or music lessons. The Smithsonian's American Indian Music video collection provides a rich resource of both traditional and contemporary music.

2. Educate About Influential Native American Figures

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, teach your students about significant historical Native American figures. Additionally, inspire them to learn about contemporary Native American individuals who are making a difference in today's world.

3. Explore Historical Events through the Lens of Native Americans

Ensure your elementary students understand the authentic history of Native Americans by examining historical events from a Native American perspective. For younger students, 'Keepunumuk: Weeâchumun’s Thanksgiving Story' offers a way to explore the Thanksgiving story from a Native American point of view. For older students, consider assigning a more comprehensive research project.

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Native American Heritage Month Activities & Printables

Explore Native American Heritage Month teaching resources for all ages, including Native American Heritage Month activities for elementary students. Here, we’ve curated our top picks for different grade levels to help students learn about Native American history, culture, music, and art. Alternatively, browse our entire collection of Native American Heritage printables.

These activities can be used in your music, drama, art, social studies, and language arts lessons throughout the year — not just in November!

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Native American Heritage Month Activities for Elementary Students

Native American Heritage Month Activities for Middle School

Native American Heritage Month Activities for High School

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