Asian-American and Pacific Heritage Month Resources

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is celebrated in May. Use our lessons, printables, and activities to explore the art, food, music, and writing of these great cultures. You will find handouts on Asian instruments, references on the history of tea, reading lists for the study of Asian-American history, and plenty of activities for celebrating Chinese New Year. These resources are also great to incorporate across your curriculum for Diversity Awareness Month (October).


Teach your students about Asian-Pacific-American cultures and traditions with these printables. Includes making musical instruments, Chinese New Year puppets, and mooncakes.

Lesson Plans

Our Lesson Plans will help students understand more about Asian-Pacific-American heritage with activities such as paper making, learning about Chinese money using simple algebraic equations, and more.


Test your students' knowledge about Asian-Pacific-American heritage with this printable multiple-choice quiz.


Refer to our resources on Asian-Pacific-American heritage to enhance your lessons and extend students' learning. Some activities included in the reference information.

Chinese New Year Resources

Students will enjoy learning about the Chinese New Year with these resources. Includes hands-on activities such as making musical instruments, creating a story cloth, and more.

Asian-American Food Resources

Use these resources to expand your teaching strategies and lessons about Asian-American foods. Let Asian-American students bring foods they eat at home to share with the class.

Asian-American Art Activities

Incorporate fun art activities with your lessons on Asian-Pacific-American heritage and increase learning with student created paper and musical instruments.

Asian-American Music Activities

Music is an international language. Use our resources to enhance your lessons and teach students about Asian-Pacific-American cultures by making musical instruments such as an erhu and koto, as well as learning about Asian-Pacific music.

Literature Resources for Asian-American History

Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge. Includes a reading passage with discussion questions and extension activities, learning about cultural diversity, and different genres of literature.

Language Arts & Asian-American History Connected

Interconnect these Language Arts activities with your lessons on Asian-Pacific-American heritage to enhance students’ learning. Includes paper making, reading passages on Chinese immigration and their experiences in new places, and more.

Asian-American Resources for History Class

Explore Asian-Pacific-American connections and expand your students' learning using these history resources. Includes making a koto, reading passages about the Asian experiences in new places, and more.

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