2nd Grade

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Discover the resources you need to make second grade a successful year for your students! Improve math and reading skills, enjoy social studies and science challenges, and improve interpersonal relationships. Use our lesson plans, worksheets, and activities to make this your students' best year yet.

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    Citizenship Skills: The Pledge of Allegiance

    In this graphic organizer, learn facts about and the meaning of the Pledge Of Allegiance. Also, revi... read more

    Citizenship Skills: The National Anthem

    Along with the text of The Star Spangled Banner, this graphic organizer includes discussion guide po... read more

    Earth's Natural Resources

    Celebrate Earth Day with leveled practice and activities about earth's natural resources. Students w... read more

    Learning about Service Workers

    Children choose service jobs and service workers to learn more about. Students will write and practi... read more

    Writing and Following Instructions

    Create how-to instructions for others to follow. Children will create sets of cards with drawings an... read more

    Transportation Bulletin Board

    Create a class bulletin board about transportation. Children will make visual representations of dif... read more

    Voting for Leaders

    Teach kids about elections, voting, and Susan B. Anthony with these hands-on activities. Use the lev... read more

    How We Celebrate Independence Day

    Identify ways Americans celebrate Independence Day. Have students draw pictures, write sentences or ... read more

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