Human & Animal Home Themed Resources

There are few things more important than your home, whether you're a human or an animal! Find out all about building homes, animal habitats, activities to do at home, technology resources for the home, and more. There are printables, lesson plans, activities, articles, and other resources for you to use in your classroom discussion about homes.

Building Homes

Help students think about what goes into building a home. Includes practicing sequencing skills by building a house in order, creating books about their homes, and more.

Literature Activities

Students will enjoy reading our book resources and have fun completing activities such as using the information in the book to map routes and make models, as well as, learn about animal habitats.

History Resources

Explore our History Resources with your lessons on homes. Students will complete an internet research of prairie life, learn vocabulary, and complete a worksheet.

Social Studies Resources

Interesting facts and fun activities can be found in these resources. Includes creating model homes out of food, matching similar homes, creating a book of homes around the world, and more.

Math Printables

Our printables will enhance your teaching strategies and increase student learning. Includes organizing time at home, practicing math skills such as estimating, multiplication, probability, and more.

Family Resources

Get students engaged about their homes and families with these activities. Includes reading passages about genealogy, family traditions, printables with sibling activities, and more.

Technology at Home

Technology is a part of life. Teach students about different types of technology and use our resources to reinforce your lessons. Students will explore their homes for technology, practice math skills by using a calculator or computer at home, and more.

Animal Habitats

Use students' interest in animals to teach about habitats using our resources. Includes learning the importance of protecting habitats on land and in the water, hands-on art projects, writing animal poetry, and more.

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