Whether you’re a new or more experienced teacher, you’ll know that icebreakers and getting to know you activities are essential for the start of the school year. Finding ways for students to get to know each other helps to ease first day nerves and creates a warm and positive atmosphere in the classroom. Icebreakers are also a great way for teachers to better understand what types of learners and personalities they have in their classes. 

Our collection of fun icebreakers for the classroom can be adapted to different age groups and curriculum areas; they'll help your students get to know each other and you! Develop classroom community with our icebreaker games and interview activities - perfect for new teachers and back to school. These resources encourage friendships and will help students and teachers learn names.

Fun Icebreakers

Acquaint your class with these fun icebreakers including writing activities, book reports, student choice activities and creative activities like scrapbooking and making personal mandalas.

Icebreakers for Substitute Teachers

These no-prep, ready-to-use activity kits are so handy for substitute teachers wanting an easy and fun icebreaker for getting to know new students. Browse icebreaker activities for a range of grade levels from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. 

Get to Know You Icebreakers

Games are a fun and engaging way for you to get to know your students and for them to get to know each other. With printable worksheets and instructions included, it couldn’t be easier!

Interview Activities

Interviews are a great icebreaker activity for getting to know students in more depth. Choose from longer interview tasks or more fast-paced getting to know you scoot activities. 

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