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Printable daily or weekly lesson plan template - for any grade level (pre-K through 12th grade) or subject - to simplify your lesson planning.

What's Included

This blank lesson plan template PDF covers all the categories you need to plan thoroughly and has ample space for notes, checklists, or reflection.

The lesson plan format includes:

    1. Space to record all the categories you need to plan thoroughly
    2. Bell-ringer, wrap-up/exit tickets, and extensions
    3. Activities, materials, and modifications
    4. Lesson objectives, assessments, and common core standards information

How To Use This Lesson Plan Template

Easy to print or save for your lesson planner or lesson plan book, use this editable lesson plan template to:

  • Simplify and speed up your lesson planning process
  • Organize all your daily or weekly lesson information in one place
  • Streamline lessons for any grade level (elementary to middle school to high school) or subject area
  • Keep a consistent record of all your lessons
  • Easily share lesson plan information with parents, teammates, or specialists

More Resources To Support Planning & Organization

Check out our full collection of ready-to-use and editable lesson plans to support student learning. Choose from printable lesson plan templates and simple lesson plans to full lessons with accompanying worksheets. Browse by subject to find the perfect language arts, science, art, music, or math lesson plan.

For more useful templates, graphic organizers, calendars, checklists and more, try our customizable Teacher Planner which is available in printable and digital formats.

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