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Christmas is a time for sharing, singing, decorating, and enjoying the season. Christmas is always celebrated on December 25. Experience the joy with your students, using these Christmas lesson plans, activities, printables, and skill builders. There are free worksheets, bulletin board ideas, printable art activities, literature units, and more! They will also enjoy Christmas games that you will find educational as well. You can discuss the religious and cultural meaning behind Christmas in your social studies class, create holiday crafts and decorations for art class, incorporate the seasonal theme into your math class, and read Christmas books in reading class. There is so much for your students to enjoy!

Choice Boards
Perfect for 1st through 5th grade, these choice boards features 9 activities and Christmas printables that will help elementary and middle school students celebrate the holiday.
Choose from our list of printables to increase your students' knowledge of Christmas. Includes a book with reading activities and guided discussion questions, word games and scrambles, as well as, warm-ups.
Lesson Plans
Our Lesson Plans will increase students' understanding about Christmas with activities such as creating acrostic poems, making paper chains with symbols, and more.
Science & Christmas Connected
Use these resources to help your students learn more about winter holidays, especially Christmas, with writing and art activities.
Literature & Christmas Connected
Literature expands students' knowledge through reading such as well-known Christmas books, along with, stories to read to help students improve their creative writing skills by writing their own stories, and tracking their reading progress each day.
Browse our collection of slideshows to find resources to enhance your curriculum with the Christmas holidays. Includes reading passages as well as fun art activities.
Projects and Themed Packets
Rich and comprehensive cross-curricular projects and themed packets that connect Christmas and subjects like math, reading, writing, and poetry. Perfect for 1-2 class periods to reinforce the subjects you're teaching while spreading some holiday cheer.
Social Studies & Christmas Connected
Explore Christmas and winter holiday connections using these social studies resources. Includes a slideshow with the origins of Christmas traditions, and writing acrostic poems to learn about winter holidays.
Art & Christmas Connected
Incorporate Christmas activities into art class by having students create potato print wrapping paper, holiday paper chains with symbols, and drawing a picture of how their family celebrates Christmas.
Math & Christmas Connected
Interconnect math skills with these Christmas activities. Includes printables which help students practice math skills such as multiplication, solving word problems, and calculations.
Reading, Language Arts, & Christmas Connected
These activities will help students expand their learning and knowledge. Includes practicing writing skills along with creative thinking skills, reviewing synonyms, and reading stories.
Winter Resources & Activities
Winter is a great time to extend your students' knowledge of weather with activities such as making a thermometer, creating a weather station to predict the weather, and learning about the winter solstice.
More December Holidays
If you enjoyed these resources for Christmas, click the links below to view our resources for the other holidays in winter.

Recommended Christmas Resources

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