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Celebrate Independence Day in your classroom with these resources, lessons, and printables about the founding of the United States. You'll find plenty of cross-curricular activities to keep your class busy. Fourth-of-July tie-ins include history references, reading activities, language arts exercises, social studies worksheets, and more. From the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to fireworks and picnics, we have the resources you need to incorporate Independence Day into your classroom lessons.

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    Declaration of Independence Quiz

    How much do your students know about America's earliest days of independence and one of the country'... read more

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    Favorite July 4th Activities Slideshow

    Celebrate Independence Day with your students before they leave for summer vacation using our favori... read more

    Daily Warm-Ups

    "The Star Spangled Banner" Reading Warm-Up

    Learn the history behind the "The Star-Spangled Banner" while improving students' reading skills. Th... read more


    History of Fireworks Reading Warm-Up

    Students read a nonfiction passage about the history of fireworks and answer reading comprehension q... read more


    Ex-Presidents Send Letters of Regret

    Children can read letters written by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, which inform two American citi... read more


    Signers of the Declaration of Independence

    Print a worksheet that presents some facts about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, inc... read more


    On July 4th…

    Teach children about some important historical events that happened on the Fourth of July. read more


    The Declaration of Independence Little Book

    Make a pop-up book that reviews the origins of the Declaration of Independence. Students will enjoy ... read more


    Special Days

    Employ a printable activity that helps build skills in recognizing names of U.S. holidays. This is ... read more


    What You Should Know About the American Flag

    How much do you know about the American flag? Learn about the history of the American flag, and get ... read more


    July 4th Trivia

    Learn about the birth of America and U.S. history through this Fourth of July trivia printable. read more


    American Patriotic Pencil Wrap

    Have students celebrate America by topping off their pens and pencils with these patriotic pencil wr... read more

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