New Teacher Starter Toolkit

New Teacher Starter Toolkit
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Don’t panic! The New Teacher Starter Toolkit is here to help with everything you need to survive your first year of teaching, including teaching tips for new teachers and handy teacher templates and checklists.

Your first year as a new teacher is an exciting time but it can be tough too (and we know because we’ve been there). That’s why we created the New Teacher Starter Toolkit for first year teachers. Designed to support new elementary teachers during the first year of teaching, it covers all the essentials for new school teachers: setting up the learning environment, positive behavior and classroom management, lesson planning, grading and reports, and building relationships with parents.

Combine the New Teacher Starter Toolkit with our printable Teacher Planner, an all-in-one printable and digital planner with calendars, lesson planning templates and forms for elementary teachers, perfect to get you organized and starting the school year the right way!

What’s included in this New Teacher Toolkit

  • Comprehensive 41-page Toolkit with teaching and learning tools to help new elementary teachers survive their first school year
  • Easy-to-use editable checklists and templates for classroom organization and lesson planning
  • Advice, tips and templates for goal setting, reflection and evaluation for professional development
  • Printable PDF versions of all resources and templates in full color or black and white
  • Editable PowerPoint version of the Toolkit which can easily be converted to Google Slides
  • Teaching tips for new teachers - getting ready for your first day, setting up your classroom, getting students’ attention, positive behavior management, grading and writing reports, communicating with parents and much more!

How to Use this Teacher Toolkit

Start the year off right.

Get organized and ready for your first day of the school year with the To Do List, Planning Checklist and Year at a Glance template. Set up your learning environment the right way using the tips for setting up your class, classroom organization and classroom displays.

Think about implementing strategies for classroom management.

Find ways to get your learners’ attention using the tips in this toolkit plus the Attention Getters. Use the Routines and Procedures checklist to help make sure all learners know what’s expected from them and check out the positive behavior management tips for helpful strategies and advice. Don’t forget to reward your students using the Star of the Day Templates and Certificates!

Find quick and easy ways to give feedback.

When it comes to grading and writing feedback, the tips and advice in this Toolkit provide step-by-step guidance and a range of time-saving strategies. The Report Card Writing Tips and Report Card Comments and Phrases Bank is also a great starting point when it’s time to start writing those all important report cards.

Don't forget about Professional Development.

Of course professional development is so important in your first year as a new teacher. Setting out professional and teaching goals at the beginning of the school year is a great way to focus yourself and think about the professional learning you need to do. Use the reflection and evaluation checklists and templates at the end of the Toolkit to reflect on your teaching practice and continue to develop into the teacher you want to become.

What’s Inside the Toolkit

Section 1: Orientation (pages 3-9)
  • Introduction
  • To Do List
  • My Professional Goals
  • My Teaching Goals
  • Key Colleagues List
  • Tips for New Teachers
Section 2: Getting Ready to Teach (pages 10-16)
  • Classroom Supply List
  • Quick Classroom Display Ideas
  • Classroom Organization Ideas
  • Planning Checklist
  • Year at a Glance
Section 3: Becoming the Teacher You Want to Be (pages 17-24)
  • Tips on Setting Up Your Class for Success
  • Routines and Procedures Checklist
  • Tips for New Teachers on Positive Behavior Management
  • Tips for Getting Students’ Attention
  • Attention Getters
  • Star of the Day Template
  • Star of the Day Certificate
Section 4: Grading and Writing Report Cards (pages 25-32)
  • Grading Tips
  • Report Card Writing Tips and Report Card Comments and Phrases Bank
  • Report Cards and Grading Checklist
Section 5: Creating Positive Relationships with Parents (pages 33-36)
  • Tips for Positive Communication with Parents
  • Parent Teacher Conference Log
Section 6: Reflecting and Evaluating (pages 37-41)
  • Evaluation Checklist
  • Teaching Reflections
  • My Class Reflections
  • Reflection Notes

New Teacher Starter Toolkit | TeacherVision

New Teacher Starter Toolkit | TeacherVision

New Teacher Starter Toolkit | TeacherVision

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