Report Card Comments & Phrases—Personality & Attitude

These comments and phrases are appropriate for all students across grade levels and are a great time-saver while doing report cards. They are also a great resource to prepare for parent-teacher conferences.

Looking for report card comments for kindergarten? Our team of teaching experts recently put together the top 32 kindergarten report card comments. You may also like our end-of-year report card comments for students.

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Report Card Comments & Phrases—Personality & Attitude

Report card comments for students with positive attitudes

  • _______'s attitude toward our school rules, the other students, and myself is reflected in this reporting quarter. She is capable of being a successful student with effort.
  • Thank you for your interest in our class. I am pleased to report that _______ is showing positive development regarding his attitude in our classroom.
  • _______ continues to make nice progress this year concerning her attitude in the classroom and on the playground.
  • _________'s attitude has continued to improve. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
  • ______ displays an excellent attitude.
  • ______'s attitude toward school is excellent.
  • ______ has a good attitude toward school.
  • ______ assumes responsibility well and has a find attitude.
  • ______ shows initiative and thinks things through for himself.
  • ______ is developing a better attitude toward ___ grade.
  • _______ consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning.
  • _______ frequently goes above and beyond in class, showing a commendable attitude towards their studies.
  • _______'s positive attitude and respect for others is a breath of fresh air.
  • _______ consistently shows a positive attitude and is always willing to help their peers.
  • _______'s attitude towards learning is infectious, often inspiring their classmates.
  • _______ consistently displays a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, making them a joy to teach.
  • _______ has a refreshing attitude and approaches new challenges with excitement.
  • _______ has a consistently positive attitude and it's clear they love learning.
  • _______ shows admirable resilience and maintains a positive attitude, even when faced with difficult tasks.
  • _______ has an incredibly positive attitude towards school and it's clear they value their education.
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Report card comments about students' personalities

  • ______ is a very pleasant student to work with.
  • ______ is a very thoughtful student.
  • ______ has a pleasant disposition.
  • ______ is pleasant and friendly.
  • ______ is cooperative and happy.
  • ______ is cooperative and well-mannered.
  • ______ has a pleasant personality.
  • ______ is a pleasure to have around.
  • ______ is friendly and cooperative.
  • ______ is a sweet and cooperative child.
  • ______ is a very happy, well-adjusted child, but _____.
  • ______ is self-confident and has excellent manners.
  • ______ has a sense of humor we all enjoy.
  • ______ has a sense of humor and enjoys the stories we read.
  • ______ gets upset easily.
  • ______ often seems tired at school.
  • Although _____________'s growth in social maturity is continuing, it is not consistent.

Report card comments about classroom participation

  • ______ is enthusiastic about participating.
  • ______ participates well in class.
  • ______ volunteers often.
  • ______ is willing to take part in all classroom activities.
  • ______ is showing interest and enthusiasm for the things we do.
  • ______ makes fine contributions.
  • ______ takes an active part in discussions pertinent to ______.
  • ______ responds well.
  • ______ speaks with confidence to the group.
  • ______ takes turns talking.
  • ______ enjoys participating in conversation and discussion.
  • ______ needs to actively participate in classroom discussion.

Report card comments for students who need improvements

  • I will continue to need your help and support if _______ is to overcome her attitude and social difficulties. She will find school a much more pleasant place if she can make a positive effort in this area.
  • Although there has been some improvement in _______'s attitude toward his schoolwork, it is not consistent. He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout the rest of the year.
  • This report card is a reflection of ________'s attitude in school. He could improve if he decided to work harder and cooperate more.
  • As we discussed in our last conference, ________'s attitude toward the basic skills is poor. Please continue to do a nightly review with her, especially focusing on ________.
  • ______ tends to disrupt the class frequently and this behavior impacts other students as well. He/She needs to work on his/her behavior.
  • ______'s disrespectful behavior towards classmates is a cause for concern and requires immediate attention.
  • ______ could benefit from participating more actively in class and displaying a more positive attitude.
  • Although there has been some improvement with ______'s attitude toward her classmates, she frequently needs to be reminded to be respectful.
  • ______ struggles with following classroom rules. Consistent reinforcement of rules could be beneficial.
  • ______'s negativity is often disruptive to the learning environment. A more positive attitude would greatly improve ______'s overall performance.
  • ______ needs to understand the importance of being respectful to teachers and classmates.
  • ______'s attitude towards learning could use improvement. He/She needs to take more responsibility for his/her learning.
  • ______ has difficulty working cooperatively with classmates. He/She would benefit from practicing teamwork skills.
  • ______'s attitude can sometimes come across as disinterested or indifferent. Encouragement to show more enthusiasm in class is needed.
  • As my past reports have indicated, ______ does not do his schoolwork. He can do better if he makes his mind up to work harder and complete his assignments.


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