Flag Day Activities, Lesson Plans and Printables

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. Help your students learn about the American flag with our collection of Flag Day activities, lesson plans and printables perfect for incorporating this holiday into your curriculum.

Why Do We Celebrate Flag Day?

Flag Day, also known as National Flag Day, celebrates the American flag and commemorates the adoption of the first national flag in 1777. President Woodrow Wilson declared that June 14 would become the official date for Flag Day in 1916, but it wasn’t until later, in 1946, that US Congress officially established the date as National Flag Day.

Celebrating Flag Day in the Classroom

Flag Day celebrations might include attending a parade or flag ceremony, visiting a memorial or museum, or of course, proudly displaying the Star Spangled Banner. There’s also plenty you can do with your students in the classroom to commemorate this holiday. These Flag Day activities and teaching resources provide plenty of fun and easy options for integrating this holiday into your curriculum.

Teach your students about the history of the American flag with printables and activities perfect for Social Studies and History lessons. Improve your students’ reading skills with Flag Day reading comprehension worksheets, perfect for warm-up activities. Help your students to feel patriotic with a full color printable American flag, or get creative with art and music activities including Patriotic Songs for Flag Day.

Teach your students about Flag Day with these printables. Includes Flag Day reading comprehension worksheets with passages about Betsy Ross and an activity creating a little-book about her, warm-ups with comprehension questions, and more.
Help students learn about the flag of the United States as a Flag Day activity. Includes the flag's history and display requirements.
Reading & Language Arts Activities
Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge about the flag. Includes warm-up activities with reading comprehension questions, learning how the flag changed over the years, and a writing activity.
Art & Music Activities
Add these fun activities to enhance your Flag Day lessons and expand students' learning.
Math Activities
Students will practice their mathematics skills by counting and identifying numerals with these Flag Day activities.
History Resources
Explore Flag Day with these History Resources. Includes a slideshow with many activities such as student designed flags, art projects, and more.

Recommended Flag Day Resources

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