Popular Winter Resources

Find fun science activities for winter with these printables, lesson plans, quizzes, and graphic organizers. Students will be fascinated with winter weather as they learn about blizzards and record snowfall. Use resources on hibernation and migration to teach them how animals survive these cold winter months. There are teaching resources for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school teachers below.

Educational Videos

View our short videos about the Winter Solstice and expand your students' knowledge with the extension activities prepared for each video such as a forecasting weather quiz.


Teach your students about winter with these printables. Includes making snowflakes, mapping the coldest states in the U.S., and learning about holidays and traditions that take place in winter months.

Lesson Plans

These Lesson Plans will help students understand winter with activities such as creating a snow person for a bulletin board and learning sequencing by writing the steps to create their snow person, and more.


Test your students' knowledge about the weather with these printable multiple-choice quizzes on rain, hail, and snow, and the Winter Olympics.

Science Activities

Extend your science lessons using these winter weather resources. Includes making a thermometer, and creating a weather station to predict, measure and use averaging.

Social Studies Activities

Explore winter connections using these social studies resources. Includes mapping the coldest states and reading about winter weather in the U.S., the history and traditions of the Winter Olympics, and more.

Reading & Language Arts Activities

Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge about winter. Includes books with enrichment and internet activities, as well as pre- and post-reading questions, cross-curricular activities, and a puppet play.

Art & Music Activities

Incorporate winter activities into art and music class by making snowflake cards, reading a story and understanding the sequence of events, and practicing skills in detail awareness.

Winter Holidays

Our collection of Winter Holiday resources includes a wide variety of holidays which occur during the winter months. Use resources from this list to increase your students' knowledge with various activities.

Weather Activities

Winter is a great time to extend your students' knowledge of weather and the climate with activities such as learning vocabulary terms and the components of climate systems, as well as how scientists act like detectives when studying climate changes.

Other Seasons

If you enjoyed these resources for Winter, click the links below on our resources for the other three seasons.

Recommended Winter Resources

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