Back To School Classroom Routines and Procedures Checklist

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Start the school year off the right way with this printable classroom routines and procedures checklist for the first week of school.

If you want your classroom to run like a well-oiled machine, your students need to know what’s expected of them. Establishing classroom procedures and routines at the start of the school year sets expectations and boundaries for students. Using a checklist ensures that you cover all the classroom management essentials and takes the stress away from your back-to-school planning.

Designed to be used during the first three days of school, this classroom procedures checklist covers routines and procedures for entering the classroom, hand signals, cleaning up, independent work, classroom rules, and more. Adaptable for any grade level, the checklist is particularly useful for elementary teachers. Simply print it off to include in your teacher binder or display it on a back-to-school bulletin board to get you and your classroom organized and ready for school.

More Back To School Resources

Combine this procedures checklist with our First Day of School Checklist to help make that first day back as smooth as possible. Ideal for new and first year teachers.

For elementary classrooms, try The Complete Classroom Jobs and Helpers Kit to help teach students responsibility and independence in the first weeks of school.

If you’re looking for the ultimate back-to-school organization tool, try our Teacher Planner 2023-24 for calendars, daily and weekly planners, graphic organizers, templates, checklists, and much more.

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