5th Grade

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Fifth grade students have gained so many skills in elementary school! Help them perfect their skills in all subjects—reading, math, science, writing, and social studies—with our worksheets, lessons, and activities.

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    Think of a Number

    Students are given a word clue and asked to find the number answer. Next they must draw and label a rectangle to show the answer is correct. read more

    You`re So Square

    In this worksheet, students are practicing identifying square numbers. They are asked to draw squares as well as write the squared number. read more

    Chart It

    Students are given several clues and asked to use a number chart to help solve the puzzle. read more

    One Little Lie

    Students are given a number and four characterization statements about that number. They must determ... read more

    One Coin Only

    Students are asked to complete a chart based on how many of each coin makes $1.00 and what the factor pairs would be. read more

    Close Up

    Students are shown a section of a rectangle and asked to answer questions relating to the dimensions and number patterns. read more

    The Right Tool

    Students are asked to circle the "tools" they can use to help solve a multiplication problem. read more

    Petal Power

    Students are asked to use several related division problems to help solve a more complex problem. read more

    Paths to 1200

    Students are asked to find factor pairs for the number 1200. They must then explain the strategies they used to find these pairs. read more

    Exactly 1000

    Students are given several digits and are asked to use the numbers to make 1,000 in three different ... read more

    My Number Is.....

    In this worksheet, students are asked to answer several number puzzles. Then they must match the answer to its description. read more

    Get a Little Closer

    Students are given several numbers and asked to write subtraction problems to get a number as close to zero as possible. read more

    The Final Clue

    Students are asked to complete the final clue in a puzzle in order to solve it. They must explain ho... read more

    Ask 10,000

    In this worksheet, students are asked several yes or no questions relating to 10,000. read more

    Count the Sides

    Students are asked to count the number of sides in different polygon shapes. They must further identify which shapes are hexagons and pentagons. read more

    Polygon Plots

    Students are shown a grid and asked to write the vertices for a rectangle and square. Next they must... read more

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