Back to School First Week Parent Communication Templates for Teachers

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These are the 8 templates you need for the first week back to school - parent contact forms that cover everything from reading and math assessment to supplies and a "first week report card!"

Get the first week back to school off to a good start with these parent communication templates and forms for the classroom. These printable PDFs are ready to fill out and send home to parents, so that you can provide both class-wide and individualized information without having to create it all yourself!

What’s included:

  • First Week "Report Card" - Positive feedback for each student's first week of school
  • Supply Shout-Out - Classroom supplies form
  • Student Needs Assessment - A place for parents to provide info on academic and social-emotional strengths and needs
  • How Am I Doing? - A feedback form to collect parent insight on teacher performance
  • Help Design My Lessons - A form to gather student input on what they would like to learn this year
  • Parent Participation - A form to enlist parent volunteers for classroom activities
  • Student Reading Inventory - A form to provide information to parents on student reading baselines and benchmarks
  • Math Feedback - A form to provide information to parents on student math baselines and benchmarks
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