Presidents' Day Teacher Resources & Activities

Why Do We Celebrate Presidents' Day?

Presidents’ Day, a national and federal holiday, was originally established in the 1880s to celebrate the birthday of George Washington on February 22. The holiday was later shifted to the third Monday in February and became popularly known as Presidents’ Day, celebrating Washington's birthday in combination with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, which is also in February. The day is sometimes seen as a way to celebrate the lives of all U.S. Presidents.

When is Presidents' Day Celebrated in 2022?

Presidents’ Day is observed on February 21, 2022. As a national and federal holiday, most banks, schools, state offices, and financial institutions are closed. There is no mail delivery, but most retail and dining establishments are open.

Activities for Presidents' Day

Use these Presidents’ Day worksheets, cross-curricular printables, lesson plans, and classroom activities to teach your class about why George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were important. Games, puzzles, coloring pages, art and STEM activities will keep students of all ages interested in politics and government. Explore the biographies below to learn about the lives and presidencies of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Then, use quizzes to assess students' knowledge of U.S. history.

Educational Videos & Activities
View our short videos about Presidents' Day and extend your students' knowledge with the extension activities prepared for each video.
Printable Activities
Teach your students about Presidents' Day with these printable activities. Includes reading short biographies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and creating a mini-book on each, as well as learning the requirements to be president and the election process.
Lesson Plans
Our Lesson Plans will help students understand Presidents' Day with activities such as creating trading cards after completing internet research, writing a letter to the president, and learning about the election process.
Browse our collection of slideshows to find resources to enhance your curriculum about Presidents' Day. Students will learn a more personal side to the president, such as his children or pets, and White House traditions.
Technology Resources for Presidents' Day
Using our Technology Resources will enhance your teaching strategies and lessons as well as extend students' learning and understanding about Presidents' Day.
Presidents' Day Games & Puzzles
Keep students engaged in learning about Presidents' Day with these game and puzzle resources.
Art, Music, & Drama Activities for Presidents' Day
Bring the arts into your lessons on Presidents' Day with students creating and illustrating mini-books, using a silhouette to write a story, and more.
Literature Resources for Presidents' Day
Interconnect your Presidents' Day lesson with our Literature Resources, including writing a letter to the president, now or in another time period, and reading passages along with warm-ups with comprehension questions.
Math Activities for Presidents' Day
Incorporate math skills with these Presidents' Day activities. Includes solving word problems after learning biography information and decoding quotes.
Presidents' Day Activities for Language Arts
Your students' reading and writing skills will be expanded with these warm-ups and comprehension questions, along with writing exercises using creative thinking skills.
Presidents' Day Activities for U.S. History
Take a look into history with these Presidents' Day resources. Includes reading passages about different presidents, a KWL chart, and creating a pop-up book.
Refer to our resources on Presidents Day to enhance your lessons and students' learning, as well as reading skills.
Government Resources for Presidents' Day
These Government Resources for Presidents' Day will extend students' learning with facts and figures charts, comprehension questions, and a quiz on the first ten presidents.
Presidents' Day Biographies
Interesting facts from our Presidents' Day Biographies will enhance your teaching strategies. Includes learning about a president, then creating and illustrating a mini-book, as well as completing a timeline.
Additional Presidents' Day Resources
If you enjoyed these resources for Presidents' Day, click the links below to see our resources for more information regarding presidents, elections and the government.

Recommended Presidents' Day Resources

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