6th Grade

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Sixth grade is a transitional year for kids: they are moving in the incredible space between childhood and adolescence. Help guide them in the proper direction with our resources for math, literature, writing, science, and social studies.

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    Story-Time Survey

    Students are given given raw data from a survey and asked to answer several questions about the results of the survey. read more

    Winning Option

    Using probability to play a game, students are asked to suggest a winning game strategy and explain why it would work. read more

    Fair Toss?

    Students are asked to analyze a coin toss game and determine if it is fair. They need to complete a ... read more

    No Fair!

    Students are shown a chart of all the ways a coin toss game can be won. They must explain why the ga... read more

    Unfair, but Fair

    Students are given rules to two different games that use a spinner. They need to decide if each game is fair and why. read more

    Face Down

    Students are given the rules to three different card games and three piles of number cards. They mus... read more

    Comparing Data Sets

    In this worksheet, students are practicing data analysis in a project about playground safety. They ... read more

    Comparing Line Plots

    Students are asked to study two data sets and line plots taken from a survey. They must then complete several statements. read more

    Making Bar Graphs

    As a way to further analyze data, students are asked to make two bar graphs for tables and label the bars. read more

    Fair and True

    Students are given several statements regarding fair games. They must determine if the statements are true or false, read more

    Making ,Line Plots

    Students are asked to finish line plots by looking for associations between variables. They are asked to compare data sets and find the medians. read more

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