Thanksgiving Activities and Worksheets

Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Explore the rich historical and cultural aspects of this American holiday with Thanksgiving activities, lessons, and printables. You can incorporate Thanksgiving into many of your classes, such as Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. There are arts & crafts projects with which your students can demonstrate their creativity, math worksheets so they can show their critical thinking skills, references to teach the history of Thanksgiving, and activities perfect for your students to show their vocabulary and reading capabilities.

Videos about Thanksgiving
View our short videos about Thanksgiving and extend your students' knowledge with the extension activities prepared for each video.
Themed Activity Packets
Use these themed activity packets to help students celebrate Thanksgiving with social studies, language arts, math, and more.
Thanksgiving Slideshows
Browse our collection of slideshows to find resources to enhance your curriculum for the Thanksgiving holiday. Includes a printable book about the seasons, internet research that integrates math, and the turkey traditions at the White House.
Printables for Grades K-12
Teach your students about Thanksgiving with these printables and worksheets. Includes paper weaving, a mini-book with art projects, and improving math skills by creating a spreadsheet of favorite Thanksgiving foods.
Thankgiving Lesson Plans
Our Lesson Plans will help students understand Thanksgiving with activities such as creating a landmark commemorating different points of view, and much more.
Social Studies & Thanksgiving Connected
Explore Thanksgiving connections using these social studies resources. Includes videos on how Thanksgiving became a national holiday, learning using Pilgrim Fact Cards, and background information.
Studying Colonial Times
Integrating information about Colonial times into your lessons will extend your students' understanding of Thanksgiving with a lesson which compares the first Thanksgiving dinner to dinner now, as well as a reading passage from Colonial times.
Thanksgiving Math Activities
Interconnect math skills with these Thanksgiving activities. Includes creating a spreadsheet after researching turkey consumption, and practicing other math skills such as solving word problems and using logic.
Art Activities for Thanksgiving
Incorporate Thanksgiving activities into art class by creating placemats to take home, making a dried bouquet of flowers or paper weaving.
Reading & Language Arts Activities for Thanksgiving
Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge. Includes a reading passage using compare and contrast, enrichment activities, web resources, and practicing writing skills by creating a dialogue and journal entries.
Thanksgiving Foods & Recipes
Use these resources to expand your teaching strategies and lessons on Thanksgiving with background information on Colonial recipes, as well as information on the first Thanksgiving dinner.
Teaching Native American Heritage
These resources will increase students' knowledge about Native Americans and enhance your teaching strategies through background information and activities.
Learning About the Pilgrims
Students will enjoy Learning About the Pilgrims with these resources containing background information, writing activities comparing Pilgrim children to today's children, and games.

Browse Thanksgiving Resources

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