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Help your students succeed in Kindergarten! Find resources for teaching them their names, addresses, and other personal information; practice handwriting and pencil grip; learn early reading and math skills, and more!

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    The Bear Ate Your Sandwich Activity Guide

    Join in with 2016's Read for the Record and read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, by Julia Sarcone-Roach.... read more

    Vibrations and Sound

    Introduce young kids to the physics of sound. Watch this video to learn how objects and animals make... read more

    Popcorn Predictions

    Which cup of kernels will produce the most popcorn? Encourage students to make a hypothesis, then watch the video to see the answer. read more

    The Water Cycle

    Water covers more than 3/4 of Earth's surface. Watch this animation to learn about the water cycle a... read more

    How Plants and Animals Get Energy

    A food chain shows how energy passes from one living thing to another. Watch this video to learn how... read more

    Which Bird Beak Can Crush Seeds?

    Let's examine bird beak anatomy. Which bird beak can crush seeds – a Heron's or a Cardinal's? Watch ... read more

    Do Seeds Need Water to Grow?

    Watch and learn how scientists use the scientific method to find answers. Do seeds need water to gro... read more

    5 Best Free Educational Game Sites for Kids

    The top 5 educational game sites for kids offer safe, interactive game-based learning for your class... read more

    Top 5 Dr. Seuss Day Activities

    Dr. Seuss Day is March 2! Get printable worksheets, lesson ideas, and classroom activities from Teac... read more

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