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Discover a wide range of professional development resources for educators. You can improve your teaching skills with these articles, lesson plans, and resources from notable publishers and experts in the field. Whether you're interested in improving your teaching skills with a few new concepts or are interested in acquiring an advanced degree, we have the advice and resources to help you ensure you're teaching at the highest possible level.

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    You're the Author, You Write the Sequel

    Encourage creative writing with this reading extension activity. Students will read a story, brainst... read more

    Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt

    Examine the key text features in nonfiction books with this reading extension activity. Students wil... read more

    Writing Perfect Endings

    Practice narrative writing with this reading extension activity. Students will write an alternate en... read more

    Realistic Fiction

    After reading a realistic fiction story aloud to the class, students will brainstorm one-sentence st... read more

    Cover Story

    In this reading extension activity, students redesign a book cover to demonstrate their understandin... read more

    Reading Assistant

    Ease students into independent reading with this activity. As you read a book aloud to the class, ch... read more

    Introducing Nonfiction

    Introduce nonfiction with this reading extension activity. After learning about nonfiction, read alo... read more

    Three-Letter Word Scavenger Hunt

    Develop phonemic awareness with this reading extension activity. Students will practice their letter... read more

    Read-Aloud Educator Guide

    Create engaging read-alouds with the tips, advice, and book recommendations in this guide for teache... read more

    TeacherVision Interviews Author Taylor Mali

    Taylor Mali, author of the viral poem "What Teachers Make," sat down with TeacherVision to talk abou... read more

    Read to Your Bunny

    Learn why reading aloud is important for children's development. This handout for parents also inclu... read more

    Candlewick's Read to Us! Story-Hour Kit IV

    Boost children's creativity and enthusiasm for reading with the hands-on activities and worksheets i... read more

    Australian Universities

    Help your students research their university choices using this printable activity that explores Australian university groupings. read more

    Candlewick's Read to Us! Story-Hour Kit III

    Focus on themes of friendship, family, imagination, and responsibility with this printable story-hou... read more

    God's Dream Story-Hour Kit

    Open classroom discussion and help children recognize the broader meaning of God's Dream, written by... read more

    Candlewick's Read to Us! Story-Hour Kit II

    Perfect for beginning readers, this story-hour kit will help you develop young children's literacy s... read more

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