What's Your Teacher Vision? On-Demand Webinar

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About This Webinar: What's Your Teacher Vision?

Reflection is the most powerful way you can grow your teaching practice. Partake in this on-demand professional development webinar to learn reflection frameworks, so you reflect smarter, not harder. Be sure to download the free What's Your Teacher Vision? workbook to follow along with Julie's instruction.

Become A Reflective Teacher

Reflecting on your teaching practice is easier said than done. Reflection is only impactful if it leads to generating goals and identifying next steps. To help you reflect smarter, TeacherVision is bringing you this webinar.

You’ll learn how to effectively use reflection frameworks to generate a vision for your teaching next year with the help of a veteran teacher and instructional coach.

Ready to begin your reflection so that you can jumpstart your summer planning and begin to work towards your goals?

Check out the full agenda below:

  • Why becoming a better teacher begins with a productive and thoughtful reflection practice.

    Julie will discuss why it is important to reflect at the end of the school year, and explain how using a reflection framework can make reflections less time-consuming and more meaningful.

  • What a productive and thoughtful teacher reflection looks like.

    Julie will simplify the reflection process by sharing examples of effective reflection frameworks. She will draw on her experience coaching teachers and provide examples of how to use these frameworks in order to maximize their impact on growing your teaching practice.

  • How using reflection frameworks and drafting a teacher vision leads to goal setting and next steps for summer planning.

    Julie will guide you through specific reflection frameworks, and walk you through the process of brainstorming and writing your teacher vision so you have specific actionable goals for summer planning.

  • How to transfer your reflection process to your students, so they develop a productive and thoughtful reflection process.

    Julie will share three reflection frameworks for students, and walk you through how to implement them in your classrooms so you can practice what you preach.

Meet the Speaker

Julie Mason is the Head of Content and Curriculum for TeacherVision. She brings expertise in blended and personalized learning, instructional coaching, and curriculum design to the role. She was a middle and high school English teacher for eight years and most recently taught at Dana Hall, an all-girls school in Wellesley, MA.

Julie was a blended and personalized learning instructional coach for K-12 teachers at BetterLesson for two years, and she has presented at The National Principals Conference, ISTE, and ASCD where she shared her expertise on how instructional coaching builds teacher capacity in K-12 schools. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating professional development for teachers, and she oversees the TeacherVision advisory board.

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