Passover Printables and Classroom Activities

Celebrate the important Jewish holiday of Passover with these printables, lessons, and activities. Help students learn about the culture, history, and religious traditions of this and other Jewish holidays, and incorporate activities to support the development of reading, writing, and art skills.

What Is Passover?

Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) commemorates when God freed the Israelites from bondage in Egypt with the leadership of Moses. Its name comes from the story of Exodus and the last of the ten plagues ‘passing over’ the Isrealites’ houses, sparing their firstborn. Passover is a time to reflect on slavery, redemption, and the strong will of people to persevere.

When Is Passover Celebrated?

Passover begins on the 15th day of Nissan, the first month of the Jewish calendar. The celebrations usually last eight days (or seven days in Israel and in many Reform Jewish communities). In 2023, Passover begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 5.

Passover Worksheets, Activities, and Printables

Teach about the historical significance, and the important cultural and religious traditions of Passover, with activities that explore the story of Passover, preparation of the Seder plate, and the seder meal. Find simple ways to combine learning about this holiday with developing reading and writing skills with student choice activities, reading passages, word scrambles, and more. For more creative activities, explore Passover coloring pages and Passover crafts.

Passover Printables and Themed Packets

Help students learn about important Passover cultural and religious traditions with these themed activity packets that include reading passages on the Passover story, critical thinking activities for learning about the Seder meal, the matzah, the Haggadah, and more, plus word scrambles, word searches, and acrostic poem activity.

Passover Crafts & Art Activities

Get creative with Passover crafts like decoupaging a glass Seder plate, or a collage mural that celebrates freedom during Passover, or create a Passover pillow. Combine learning about the Passover Seder plate with Passover crafts using the cut-out activity and coloring page.

Social Studies Activities

Incorporate these activities and printables into your social studies lessons on Passover. Explore the story of Passover, the Israelite exodus and the ten plagues, and important Passover traditions, like the Passover meal and the Passover Seder plate, or test your students’ knowledge with a Passover quiz over on our sister website, Infoplease.

Jewish Heritage Printables

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Recommended Passover Resources

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