Passover Classroom Activities

Why is Passover celebrated?

Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) commemorates when God freed the Jews from bondage in Egypt with the leadership of Moses. Its name comes from the story of Exodus and the tenth plague ‘passing over’ the Isrealites’ houses, sparing their first born. Passover is a time to reflect on slavery, redemption, and the strong will of people to persevere.

When is Passover 2022?

Passover begins on the 15th day of Nissan, the first month of the Jewish calendar. The celebrations usually last eight days, or seven days in Israel and in many Reform Jewish communities. In 2022, Passover begins on the evening of Friday April 15.

Activities for Passover

Use these Passover classroom activities to teach about the historical significance and important cultural and religious traditions of this Jewish holiday. Have fun with recipes for cooking kosher treats, printable instructions for making your own Seder plate, themed activity packets and Passover craft activities.

Themed Packets
Help students learn about important Passover cultural and religious traditions with these themed activity packets.
Enhance your teaching strategies by viewing our slideshow resources and using them as an introduction about Passover for your students.
Teach your students about Passover with these printables. Includes learning about and making a Seder plate, and unscrambling vocabulary words and writing a paragraph about Passover.
Passover Art Activities
Incorporate art activities to extend students' learning by creating a decoupage glass Seder plate or a collage mural which celebrates freedom during Passover, and making the Afikomen for the meal.
Social Studies Activities
Use our Social Studies resources to enhance your teaching strategies and students' learning about Passover.
Jewish Cultural Resources
Our collection of Jewish Cultural Resources is a great resource to use to enhance students' learning about Jewish traditions and culture throughout history.
Hanukkah Resources
Browse our Hanukkah Resources to enhance your lessons and students' learning about Hanukkah and other Jewish traditions and customs.

Recommended Passover Resources

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