Community Helpers & Jobs Teaching Resources

These cross-curricular lesson plans and printables on community helpers and jobs will help students understand the breadth of opportunities available to them. Utilize these resources to teach them about the economy. Our Labor Day resources are perfect for back to school. Math activities will help students learn about managing a budget, while language arts activities provide insight into various careers. You'll also find quizzes, science and art activities, and job counseling resources.

Cool Jobs and Careers Videos

These video resources from Genius Plaza feature real-world, "day in the life" overviews of some of the most interesting jobs and careers in life science, the arts, public service, engineering, medicine, and technology. They are perfect for use in supplementing a careers unit, a guidance session, or curriculum unit - and can be watched in class, assigned as independent study, or included in a "Career Day" activity. The videos feature engaging interviews with people who have interesting jobs and careers, and include numerous tips and suggestions for students who want to develop the academic and 21st Century skills necessary for next-generation careers.


Teach your students about opportunities in the community along with available jobs with these printables. For example, students take a class survey to chart and graph the results.

Lesson Plans

Our Lesson Plans will help students understand careers with activities such as a collage for the bulletin board and what child labor is.

Language Arts Activities

Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge. Students will interview an author, create and write appreciation cards, or read warm-ups with comprehension questions.

Math Activities

Interconnect math skills with these activities. Includes counting, solving word problems, and finding percentages.

Most Popular Community Helpers and Jobs Printables

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