FutureFit – Project-Based Learning Concentrating on 21st Century Skills & SEL

Looking for ways to incorporate social-emotional learning, character education, and life skills into your traditional academic curriculum? FutureFit from TeacherVision is a curriculum enhancement framework that helps you quickly and easily integrate SEL and 21st Century skills into the subjects and lessons you're already teaching.
Updated on: August 21, 2017

Integrating SEL - Inspirational vs. Aspirational

Incorporating social-emotional learning and character education into K-12 classrooms measurably improves students’ lives. From higher test scores to better graduation rates to increased lifetime earning potential, there is a direct correlation between integrating SEL and “life skills” into existing curriculum and improved student outcomes.

“We can no longer afford to view social-emotional learning and character education as pleasant supplements to the curriculum.”

Michael DiSchiavi, 20-year veteran educator

New York City public school system

Most educators embrace this concept wholeheartedly, and try hard to integrate SEL and other important concepts and ideas into their classrooms. They know that there is much more to teaching than drilling on standards, managing the classroom, and navigating an ever-changing policy and accountability landscape. Inspiring students to achieve and make an impact - in the classroom, in college, in their careers, and in the community - is what gets most teachers out of bed in the morning, and gets them through long days and longer school years.

At TeacherVision, we know that a teacher’s job is never done and that the opportunity to be truly inspirational is, unfortunately, largely aspirational. Life skills and social-emotional concepts are a vital part of the curriculum, but they are hard to teach. Concise and classroom-ready descriptions of “21st Century skills” are lacking. Practical, focused resources are hard to find, organize, and use. Flexible, easy-to-follow strategies for integrating those resources with standard curricula are hit-or-miss.


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