Hispanic Heritage Month Teacher Resources

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The study of Hispanic heritage offers you the chance to explore many diverse and rich cultures with your class during Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15–October 15). These lesson plans, printables, activities, and references will enrich your classroom study. Read the book The House on Mango Street and Shadow of a Bull, learn about Mexico's Day of the Dead, play mariachi music, practice Spanish vocabulary, discover the customs and traditions of Hispanic heritage, play Puerto Rico's circle game, create your own musical instruments, learn about the Spanish-language influence on English, and much more.

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    Day of the Dead Videos & Activities

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    Spanish Worksheets

    DK Spanish Language Learner will get foreign language students making conversation in Spanish in no ... read more

    Parrot in the Oven Reading Guide

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    Salvador Dalí Research Activity

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    La Causa: Cesar Chavez

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    Easy-to-Make Fiesta Favorites

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    The Biggest Tortilla

    Enjoy an arts & crafts project that is perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated September 15-... read more

    Go and Come Back

    Use these lessons and activities with Go and Come Back, by Joan Abelove, a story of a Peruvian tribe and the anthropologists who come to live there. read more

    Star of Luis

    Extend reading comprehension with a by using a literature guide of enrichment activities and Interne... read more

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