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Updated on: December 31, 2019

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Since 1999, TeacherVision has made educating easier and more rewarding for K-12 teachers.

We offer a library of over 22,000 resources created by experienced teachers and industry experts including education publishers and licensed education professionals that are passionate about education.

Our resources are accurate, timely, and reflect what teachers need to best support their students, and grow their teaching practice, so you can do less vetting and more teaching.

We understand the value of a good education, and we want to help provide it.

Our Mission

Here at TeacherVision, our mission is to bring your teaching vision to life despite the stack of papers to grade, endless classroom interruptions, and increasing demands (standardized tests, anyone?)

When you lose sight of your vision, we are here to re-energize you, introduce you to something new, and remind you that your vision isn’t just a dream, it is a calling that you can make a reality.

Whether you need a lesson plan that’s aligned to the standards, classroom management tips or a self-care workbook for alleviating stress, you will find thousands of resources curated for teachers by teachers.

Editorial Policy

We publish content from our trusted partners, education publishers, and organizations with established expertise and reach in the education space. This content is regularly updated in response to new research and trends.

We publish content designed by our trusted TeacherVision Advisory Board, a group of veteran classroom teachers from across the country. New content is created each month based on the educator’s calendar, teaching research and trends, and in response to our subscribers’ needs. All of this content is reviewed and edited by the TeacherVision team before publication. This content is regularly updated in response to new research and trends.

We publish content designed by the TeacherVision team. We rely on a team of experts to ensure a high level of accuracy in our content, and we also rely on our internal expertise. All content created by the team is reviewed by Julie Mason, Head of Content and Curriculum, who has over ten years of experience teaching in the classroom and as an instructional coach supporting teachers. This content is regularly updated in response to new research and trends.

We accept content submissions from educators. In order for us to publish this content, we have an application process where educators share a writing sample and a resume with their teaching experience. All writers for TeacherVision are certified teachers, and most have a Master’s degree in Education or their subject area. Writers are required to conduct research and consult experts before they create resources for TeacherVision. All lesson plans created as of January 2019 must be aligned to the Common Core Standards. Writer’s content is reviewed and edited by the TeacherVision team and is regularly updated in response to new research and trends.

If you are interested in writing for our blog or creating resources, please visit our Let’s Collaborate page for more information.

Content: Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Printables & More

The resources on TeacherVision include printables, lesson plans, graphic organizers, quizzes, worksheets, literature guides, encyclopedia-type reference pages, videos, images, digital books, Powerpoint presentations, the art of teaching/classroom management (including classroom organization, behavior management, forms, assessment, parent/teacher communication, etc), a monthly Educators’ Calendar, printable workbooks, bulletin boards, and professional development resources.

Who creates our content?

As an educator, when it comes to teaching and learning, you need to feel not only confident about the resources you use, but the expertise that informs those resources. This is why we work with writers and curriculum designers who are teachers and experts in their subjects and grade levels. We also work with education publishers, school counselors, psychologists, administrators and instructional coaches to ensure that our content represents a broad range of expertise and thought leadership in the education field.

Our writers are certified educators, many with advanced degrees, who have extensive teaching experience and expertise in both the classroom and in curriculum design.

Our writers are thought leaders in the education space, and many have their own teaching blogs, and websites. Articles are reviewed by the Head of Content and Curriculum who has over ten years of experience in teaching, instructional coaching, and designing and facilitating professional development. Our content is also vetted by our TeacherVision Advisory Board and routinely updated to ensure that our resources are accurate, current, useful, and reflect teachers’ needs in their classrooms and the most current research and trends.

Experts and Teacher Advisory Board

Julie Mason

Julie Mason is an instructional coach and curriculum designer, and was formerly the Head of Content and Curriculum for TeacherVision. She was a middle and high school English teacher for eight years and most recently taught at Dana Hall, an all-girls school in Wellesley, MA. She was a blended and personalized learning instructional coach for K-12 teachers at BetterLesson for two years, and she has presented at The National Principals Conference, ISTE, and ASCD where she shared her expertise on how instructional coaching builds teacher capacity in K-12 schools. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating professional development for teachers.

Access her latest resources here.

Lisa Koplik

Lisa Koplik has taught fourth grade in Wakefield for five years. While she teaches all subjects, her favorite parts of the school day include math and engaging realistic fiction read-alouds. When not at school, she loves to try out new recipes and work out at The Energy Barre. She has contributed numerous resources on classroom management to TeacherVision, and also writes The Diary of A Busy Teacher blog.

Access her latest resources here.

Tara Dusko

Tara Dusko is a third-grade teacher in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. She's spent the past 14 years finding engaging ways to make her students love learning. When she's not planning lessons for her classroom, she is spending time with her husband and two children or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Get some tips for reducing the stress of teaching on her blog, Teach Without Tears.

Access her latest resources here.

Jessica Peresta

Jessica Peresta taught elementary music in Tulsa, OK for seven years. She is now the curriculum developer and music teacher mentor for The Domestic Musician. When she's not talking about all things music education, she's a wife and mom to three little boys and loves Netflix, coffee, playing keys on worship team, and watching Razorback sports.

Access her latest resources here.

Sara McCarthy

Sara McCarthy has been teaching middle and high school math and science in Nova Scotia, Canada for the past ten years. She has recently started Escape Ed, which produces educational games for math and science classes. Before becoming a teacher, Sara worked in a molecular biology lab where she honed her mad scientist skills. She spends her winter breaks on ski slopes and her summers at the beach.

Access her latest resources here.

Mikaela Prego

Mikaela Prego is an elementary educator from Massachusetts. She spent the last three years teaching 4th grade in Colorado, and now she is back on the East Coast. Her favorite subjects to teach are math, science, and social studies and she is a huge fan of putting students in charge of as much of their learning as possible. You can follow her classroom @whoareweintheworld on Instagram.

Access her latest resources here.

Olivia Bechtel

Olivia Bechtel is a first grade teacher in Westerville, Ohio who loves implementing engaging, innovating lessons to inspire her students. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Access her latest resources here.

Heather Aulisio

Heather Aulisio is a third grade teacher in Pennsylvania. She has been a teacher for nearly 15 years and holds multiple degrees and certifications. A freelancer for The Mailbox and other education-related clients and publications, she enjoys writing in order to help and entertain fellow teachers. She currently resides with her husband, Bryan; son, Matthew; and two pugs, Lily and Leo.

Access her latest resources here.


TeacherVision has content from a variety of publishers and education organizations. Here is just a sample of the publishers with resources featured on TeacherVision:

  • Pearson
  • Breathe For Change
  • Coping Skills For Kids
  • Lean and Green Kids
  • Center For Cyber Safety
  • Nascent Stage Research and Development
  • Harper Collins School and Library
  • Big City Publishing
  • Doozy Moo/Daycare Worksheets
  • Simon and Schuster, Inc.
  • Candlewick Press
  • Free Spirit Publishing


Our blog, Morning Announcements, is updated regularly and features an archive of hundreds of posts focused on providing teaching advice, inspiration, and new ways of looking at the practice from a veteran teacher's perspective. The blog’s purpose is to provide educators with thought-leadership on current research and trends in education. Blog posts are written by certified teachers, and education experts, and provide teachers with opportunities for professional development. Some of our top posts are:

How to KonMari Your Classroom, Seven Questions To Ask Yourself While Planning Instruction, and Ten Ideas For Building A Formative Assessment Toolkit.


TeacherVision offers subscribers three different newsletters.


Teachers receive relevant news daily alongside timely and seasonally-themed activities. Relevant news, education headlines, activities for This Day in History, daily warm-ups, and Today’s Birthdays are also included. This is a quick and easy way to keep classroom activities relevant and meaningful.

Special Offers For Teachers

Subscribers receive offers and opportunities from the partners that we work with. They receive these emails bi-weekly.

Great Stuff For Teachers

Teachers receive timely and seasonal content including printables, lessons, and seasonal activities once a week.

The Weekly Update

Every Sunday, Stephen Solomon, Head of Curriculum and Content, writes a weekly email that includes our newest or most relevant seasonal and thematic resources. This email is designed to match the cadence of the school year, so teachers receive new content that they need that week. From blog posts to workbooks to themed packets, teachers consistently receive our highest-performing and newest resources weekly.

What teachers are saying

"The best thing about TeacherVision is that it covers all grades and many subject and topic areas. The printables, such as "The Parts of a Letter," are clever and very helpful."

What our customers are saying

Paula Z
Special Education Teacher

"I like the daily emails with historical events and famous birthdays. I also like the links to lessons about these events. TeacherVision prompted me on a couple occasions to do lessons that I otherwise would not have thought of on my own."

What our customers are saying

Kathy J.

History and Reach

TeacherVision has been a trusted resource for teachers since 1999, providing millions of educators each month with trusted teaching materials and resources from pre-k to high school.

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