About TeacherVision

Updated on: December 31, 2019

Since 1999, TeacherVision has made educating easier and more rewarding for K-12 teachers.

We offer a library of over 22,000 resources created by experienced teachers and industry experts including education publishers and licensed education professionals that are passionate about education.

Our resources are accurate, timely, and reflect what teachers need to best support their students, and grow their teaching practice, so you can do less vetting and more teaching.

We understand the value of a good education, and we want to help provide it.

Our Mission

Here at TeacherVision, our mission is to bring your teaching vision to life despite the stack of papers to grade, endless classroom interruptions, and increasing demands (standardized tests, anyone?)

When you lose sight of your vision, we are here to re-energize you, introduce you to something new, and remind you that your vision isn’t just a dream, it is a calling that you can make a reality.

Whether you need a lesson plan that’s aligned to the standards, classroom management tips or a self-care workbook for alleviating stress, you will find thousands of resources curated for teachers by teachers.

Who creates our content?

We publish content from our trusted partners, education publishers, and organizations with established expertise and reach in the education space. This content is regularly updated in response to new research and trends.

We publish content designed by our trusted TeacherVision Advisory Board, a group of veteran classroom teachers from across the country. New content is created each month based on the educator’s calendar, teaching research and trends, and in response to our subscribers’ needs. All of this content is reviewed and edited by the TeacherVision team before publication. 

As an educator, when it comes to teaching and learning, you need to feel not only confident about the resources you use, but the expertise that informs those resources. This is why we work with writers and curriculum designers who are teachers and experts in their subjects and grade levels. We also work with education publishers, school counselors, psychologists, administrators and instructional coaches to ensure that our content represents a broad range of expertise and thought leadership in the education field.

We publish original content created by veteran teachers and education specialists. In order for us to publish this content, we have an application process for educators to share writing samples and resumes to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. Our content is vetted by our TeacherVision Advisory Board and editorial team and is regularly updated to ensure that our resources are accurate, current, useful, and reflect teachers' needs in the classroom.

If you are interested in writing for our blog or creating resources, we would love to hear from you. Contact TeacherVision's Editorial Team at teachers@fen.com 

Content: Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Printables & More

The resources on TeacherVision include printables, lesson plans, graphic organizers, quizzes, worksheets, literature guides, encyclopedia-type reference pages, videos, images, digital books, Powerpoint presentations, the art of teaching/classroom management (including classroom organization, behavior management, forms, assessment, parent/teacher communication, etc), a monthly Educators’ Calendar, printable workbooks, bulletin boards, and professional development resources.

The TeacherVision Advisory Board

TeacherVision's Advisory Board members are veteran teachers and education experts from all over the country who share their expertise, wisdom and resources with TeacherVision. They create a curate new resources and blog posts, provide feedback on new content and products and collaborate with the TeacherVision editorial team.

Find out more about our TeacherVision Advisory Board, read contributor bios and explore content. Interested and joining our team of writers? Contact TeacherVision's content team at teachers@fen.com


TeacherVision has content from a variety of publishers and education organizations. Here is just a sample of the publishers with resources featured on TeacherVision:

  • Pearson
  • Breathe For Change
  • Coping Skills For Kids
  • Lean and Green Kids
  • Center For Cyber Safety
  • Nascent Stage Research and Development
  • Harper Collins School and Library
  • Big City Publishing
  • Doozy Moo/Daycare Worksheets
  • Simon and Schuster, Inc.
  • Candlewick Press
  • Free Spirit Publishing
  • Bioneers


Our blog, Morning Announcements, is updated regularly and features an archive of hundreds of posts focused on providing teaching advice, inspiration, and new ways of looking at the practice from a veteran teacher's perspective. The blog’s purpose is to provide educators with insight into current research and trends in education. Blog posts are written by certified teachers, and education experts, providing teachers with opportunities for professional development.


TeacherVision offers subscribers four different newsletters.


Teachers receive relevant news daily alongside timely and seasonally-themed activities. Relevant news, education headlines, activities for This Day in History, daily warm-ups, and Today’s Birthdays are also included. This is a quick and easy way to keep classroom activities relevant and meaningful.

Special Offers For Teachers

Subscribers receive offers and opportunities from the partners that we work with. They receive these emails bi-weekly.

Great Stuff For Teachers

Teachers receive timely and seasonal content including printables, lessons, and seasonal activities once a week.

The Weekly Update

Each Sunday a guest writer shared tips. suggestions, ideas and advice on topical, relevant and seasonal content for teachers. It also features a selection of our newest and most popular teaching materials to inspire, motivate and support teachers both in and out of the classroom. 

What teachers are saying

"The best thing about TeacherVision is that it covers all grades and many subject and topic areas. The printables, such as "The Parts of a Letter," are clever and very helpful."

What our customers are saying

Paula Z
Special Education Teacher

"I like the daily emails with historical events and famous birthdays. I also like the links to lessons about these events. TeacherVision prompted me on a couple of occasions to do lessons that I otherwise would not have thought of on my own."

What our customers are saying

Kathy J.


TeacherVision - Part of the Sandbox Learning Family

TeacherVision has been a trusted resource for teachers since 1999, providing millions of educators each month with trusted teaching materials and resources from pre-k to high school.

TeacherVision is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational websites, including FamilyEducaton, Infoplease, and Fact Monster. Sandbox Learning is committed to helping its audiences learn–whether it be the parent learning how to care for a newborn baby, the teacher learning how to structure a Geometry lesson, or the student learning about the solar system.

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