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Save time with this flexible and ready-to-use student progress report template for reviewing student performance and attitude, and communicating with parents.

Reporting student progress to parents is an important step in building strong relationships and positive communication. Regular progress reports throughout the school year are also helpful for tracking individual student performance and identifying where students may need additional support.

Suitable for Grade Levels 3-8, this printable report template allows for the assessment of in-class work, attitude, teamwork and cooperation, participation, homework and more. The template can be easily adapted and includes sections for adding comments and recommendations for support at home.

Key Features

  • Student performance is measured via academic progress, teamwork, attitude, and participation
  • Space for comments and recommendations
  • Send home or use it for parent-teacher conferences.

How To Use This Printable Student Progress Report

Keep parents informed of your students’ learning and progress between grading periods using this student progress report. It can be easily printed off to include in your grade book or kept as a pdf file for a paperless option. The template is flexible and can used as a monthly progress report or a weekly progress report depending on your reporting periods and students' needs.

Use this form together with the Student Progress Self-Evaluation form for a complete student progress assessment.

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