FutureFit Projects

The vast majority of teachers will tell you they got into teaching to inspire their students and to change the world. They want to see their students succeed not only academically, but also out in the real world; to not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing global environment. They aspire to inspire a new generation of leaders and changemakers.

That's where FutureFit Projects from TeacherVision come in.

What Are FutureFit Projects?

The FutureFit Projects incorporate social-emotional, 21st Century, and college- and career-readiness skills into core curriculum through our FutureFit skill set. They take the burden off of teachers and allow them to integrate skills like entrepreneurialism, global awareness and creativity seamlessly into the content they are already teaching.

How Do FutureFit Projects Work?

The FutureFit Projects are designed to supplement a standard 12-15-unit lesson by offering a unique, project-based learning experience that ties together core academic concepts with a set of FutureFit social-emotional and character education skills. Each project is labeled with the FutureFit skills that apply.

A Project Overview tab gives teachers a quick view of the subjects, grades, prerequisites and technology resources that apply. The Teaching Guide tab walks teachers through the lesson, step by step, while the lesson materials gives teachers a comprehensive list of all materials used in the lesson. The FutureFit tab gives teachers the option to teach only to the FutureFit skills. Teachers may choose the full lesson, a shortened lesson that leaves out the final project or a simple concept check.

Try a FutureFit Project


Hurry to My Habitat (Grades 1-2)

The States of Matter (Grades 1-2)

Newton's Games: Laws of Motion (Grades 2-4) NEW!

I Need to Charge My Phone! (Grades 3-5)

Way to Glow - Luminescence and Slime! (Grades 3-5)

Help the Hero: Simple Machines (Grades 3-5) NEW!

Destination Space! (Grades 4-6)

Polar Powers: Animal Adaptations (Grades 4-6) NEW!

Super Senses! Exploring the 5 Senses (Grades 4-6) NEW!

Zombie Ants! - Symbiotic Relationships (Grades 6-8)

Outside the Box - Can We Cure Cancer? (Grades 6-8)

Nepal Gorkha Earthquake (Grades 6-8)

DNA and Your Dinner - Genetically Modified Foods (Grades 6-8)


Spin Factory (Grades 3-5)

Growth Hack Your Favorite Team (Grades 5-7)

Home Sweet (Tiny) Home (Grades 5-7) NEW!

English Language Arts

Your Story, My Story: Resolving Conflict (Grades 2-4)

Words with Friends (Grades 3-5)

Infobiographical (Grades 6-8)

Social Studies

Seed Keepers - Native American Agriculture (Grades 3-6)

Blast from the Present - A Time Capsule for Colonial Americans (Grades 4-6)

California Gold Rush (Grades 4-6) NEW!

Life in a Medieval Castle (Grades 5-7) NEW!

Economics and Business

The Rise of Videogame Economies (Grades 8-10)

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