Top 10 Things Every Teacher Needs in the Classroom

Are you just starting out as a teacher, or are you a veteran teacher who needs to shake up your routine? Find the top things every teacher (new and seasoned) needs in the classroom in this slideshow of tips, articles, and resources.
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Pencils and learning materials
Basic Supplies

Pencils (colored & standard), pens, crayons, markers, notebook paper, tape, index cards, poster board, notebooks, folders, erasers, construction paper, and scissors. You'll probably come up with your own, personal list as well!

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Filing Cabinets/Boxes
Filing Cabinets/Boxes

Use plastic tubs or cardboard filing boxes to store holiday projects, art projects, special books, and supplies. Be sure to label these boxes with the name of each project or unit. Or, keep different boxes for different students as an easy organizational tool.

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Male teacher lecturing
Classroom Rules

It's vital to establish rules on the very first day of school. Invite students to contribute a set of expectations about behavior. Try to keep your list to about five general specifications so students can remember the entire list.

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Female teacher
Substitute Teacher Packets

Create a substitute teacher folder or binder early in the year. Use it to file class lists, fire drill rules, seating charts, class schedules, and a general plan for the day for substitutes to follow. You might also include the names and numbers of helpful teachers and teacher's aides, plus office procedures and classroom policies.

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Children's classroom
Museum of Student Work

Show your students how impressed you are with their work by dedicating a section of the wall or bulletin board to their completed assignments, drawings, and other projects. Make sure that each student's work is displayed often.

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Tall stack of books
Personal Library

Books, newspapers, magazines...these are all vital for the classroom. They may encourage your students to spend their free time reading instead of staring into space. Just remember to write your name in everything you want to hang on to!

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Certificate of honor
Collection of Awards & Certificates

Congratulate your students for outstanding work, achieving perfect attendance, being a good listener, and much more, with awards and certificates.

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Introductory Packets for New Students

Make your life easier by creating a packet of materials that includes everything new students might need to assimilate into your classroom. Prepare lists of rules, procedures, current assignments, and other items you think a student entering mid-year might need.

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Coffee and computer
Grade Book

It's important to keep all of your students' grades in one place so that you can easily see when students are doing well, improving, or letting their assignments slip. Try an online grade book for the quickest and easiest way to keep track of grades, while also allowing your students access to their records.

Check out It's free.

And finally...
And finally...

Perspective, a grain of salt, a sense of humor, an open mind, patience, a positive outlook, plans B & C & D, commitment, flexibility, compassion, hope, and creativity.

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