Presidential Campaign Slogan Quiz

Match the campaign slogan to the presidential candidate. These are the phrases the candidates used during the presidential election.
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Directions: Match the slogan to the presidential candidate.

  1. Slogan: "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too"
    1. James K. Polk
    2. Andrew Jackson
    3. William Harrison
    4. Grover Cleveland

  2. Slogan: "Full-dinner pail"
    1. William Taft
    2. Calvin Coolidge
    3. Rutherford B. Hayes
    4. William McKinley

  3. Slogan: "Return to Normalcy"
    1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    2. Warren G. Harding
    3. Woodrow Wilson
    4. Herbert Hoover

  4. Slogan: "Peace, Prosperity, Progress"
    1. George W. Bush
    2. Bill Clinton
    3. Dwight Eisenhower
    4. Richard Nixon

  5. Slogan: "A Square Deal for Every Man"
    1. Theodore Roosevelt
    2. James Garfield
    3. Chester Arthur
    4. Ulysses S. Grant

  6. Slogan: "Let's Make America Great Again"
    1. Jimmy Carter
    2. Lyndon Johnson
    3. Ronald Reagan
    4. John F. Kennedy

  7. Slogan: "Save the Union"
    1. James Buchanan
    2. Franklin Pierce
    3. Abraham Lincoln
    4. Andrew Johnson

  8. Slogan: "Trade, Trade, No Free Trade!"
    1. William Harrison
    2. Benjamin Harrison
    3. Gerald Ford
    4. George Washington

  9. Slogan: "A Leader, for a Change"
    1. Franklin Pierce
    2. John Quincy Adams
    3. Bill Clinton
    4. Jimmy Carter

  10. Slogan: "A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage"
    1. Richard Nixon
    2. William Taft
    3. Herbert Hoover
    4. Lyndon Johnson

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