50 Quick Report Card Comments – For Any Grade

Having trouble coming up with something to say and getting weary of writing the same things on report cards?

Check out this list of 50 quick report card comments to help you get the job done. Thank us later!

50 quick report card comments

There are things during the school year that teachers often view as highlights, such as assemblies, group activities, plays, performances and graduations. Report card time, however, has a different effect. It’s time-consuming, exhaustive and feels restrictive in the way we communicate about students and relay their progress.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Student report cards allow teachers to assess and evaluate student progress and establish channels of communication with parents and guardians, strengthening the connection between home and school. We want to explore the idea that report card time could be viewed as informative and positive to know how to move ahead in the learning process.

Stop scrambling for the right words when it comes to writing report card comments. Use our comprehensive list of 50 quick report comments to save you time and energy while maintaining efficacy and positivity.

Report card time never sounded so good.

50 quick report card comments for preschoolers

  1. Shows improvement in verbal communication.
  2. Demonstrates curiosity and eagerness to learn.
  3. Excels at expressing thoughts through art.
  4. Is developing good fine motor skills.
  5. Is learning to play well with others.
  6. Shows progress in recognizing numbers and letters. 
  7. Demonstrates improvement in listening skills.
  8. Is learning to share and take turns;
  9. Demonstrates creativity during playtime.
  10. Is learning to follow instructions. 
  11. Shows progress in understanding basic math concepts.
  12. Is learning to express emotions in a healthy way.
  13. Shows improvement in holding writing instruments.
  14. Demonstrates an understanding of personal space.
  15. Participates enthusiastically in group activities.
  16. Is improving in recognizing shapes and colors.
  17. Is learning to respect the belongings of others.
  18. Shows progress in navigating social situations.
  19. Demonstrates ability to care for personal belongings.
  20. Is learning to write his/her name.
  21. Shows improvement in understanding daily routines.
  22. Demonstrates ability to follow safety rules.
  23. Participates in songs and rhymes.
  24. Shows progress in physical abilities (running, jumping, etc.).
  25. Is learning to help clean up after activities.
  26. Demonstrates ability to sit quietly during story time.
  27. Shows interest in books and reading.
  28. Is learning to use polite language and good manners.
  29. Participates in creative and imaginative play.
  30. Shows progress in recognizing and writing the alphabet.
  31. Demonstrates ability to solve simple problems.
  32. Is learning to identify and write numbers 1-10.
  33. Shows improvement in cutting with scissors.
  34. Demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning.
  35. Participates in group activities and cooperative play.
  36. Is improving in using words to express needs and wants.
  37. Demonstrates progress in self-care skills (dressing, feeding, etc.).
  38. Shows understanding of the concept of time (morning, afternoon, night).
  39. Participates in outdoor play activities.
  40. Is learning to follow multi-step instructions.
  41. Shows improvement in drawing and coloring within lines.
  42. Is learning to understand and follow classroom rules.
  43. Demonstrates empathy towards classmates.
  44. Shows progress in sorting and classifying objects by shape, size, and color.
  45. Is learning to respect others' feelings and ideas.
  46. Shows interest in exploring the natural environment.
  47. Demonstrates ability to recall information and events.
  48. Is learning to understand and use positional words (up, down, under, over).
  49. Shows progress in developing a sense of responsibility.
  50. Demonstrates a positive attitude towards school and learning.

50 quick report card comments for kindergarteners

  1. 1 Excels in reading comprehension.
  2. Diligently hands in homework assignments.
  3. Exhibits a positive attitude toward learning.
  4. Approaches new challenges with enthusiasm.
  5. Abides by the classroom rules.
  6. Actively participates in classroom activities.
  7. Works toward mastery of sight words.
  8. Demonstrates maturity and social skills beyond grade level.
  9. Adapts easily during times of transition.
  10. Shows kindness and empathy to peers.
  11. Asks for clarification when unsure.
  12. Requires some extra attention in the following areas:_____.
  13. Shows elevated work habits.
  14. Voices positive comments concerning other students' work and participation.
  15. Has difficulty with outside distractions.
  16. Gracefully receives feedback and instruction.
  17. Takes schoolwork seriously.
  18. Requires redirection often.
  19. Needs scaffolded instruction for maximum retention.
  20. Demonstrates appropriate impulse control.
  21. Makes connections and friendships easily.
  22. Shows enthusiasm for learning new things.
  23. Is able to follow multi-step directions.
  24. Is learning to share and play well with others.
  25. Is developing good fine motor skills.
  26. Demonstrates curiosity and a willingness to explore.
  27. Is improving in recognizing letters and numbers.
  28. Shows creativity in arts and crafts.
  29. Is learning to sit quietly during story time.
  30. Is improving in recognizing shapes and colors.
  31. Is developing a good understanding of basic math concepts.
  32. Demonstrates good sportsmanship during games and activities.
  33. Is learning to express feelings in a constructive way.
  34. Is learning to take turns and share resources.
  35. Demonstrates the ability to follow classroom routines.
  36. Is improving in physical abilities (jumping, running, etc.).
  37. Takes care of classroom materials and personal belongings.
  38. Is learning to write his/her name.
  39. Demonstrates a keen interest in books and reading.
  40. Participates in creative and imaginative play.
  41. Is learning to use polite language and good manners.
  42. Shows an understanding of the concept of time (morning, afternoon, night).
  43. Is learning to identify and write the alphabet.
  44. Shows an understanding of personal safety rules.
  45. Is developing good listening skills.
  46. Demonstrates a willingness to try new activities and tasks.
  47. Is learning to identify and write numbers 1-10.
  48. Is improving in using scissors and other fine motor tools.
  49. Participates in group activities and cooperative play.
  50. Is learning to follow multi-step instructions.

50 quick report card comments for elementary schoolers

  1. Exemplifies the qualities of a hard worker.
  2. Exercises math facts with dedication.
  3. Produces work in a timely and efficient manner.
  4. Presents as a role model for others.
  5. Demonstrates great improvement in the following areas: _____.
  6. Needs improvement to reach full potential in the following areas: _______.
  7. Active participant in class discussions.
  8. Puts best effort forward no matter the subject area.
  9. Applies new skills without fear or hesitation.
  10. Exhibits developed coping skills during hard times.
  11. Mentors others in small group settings.
  12. Demonstrates a sense of humor and is gentle with themselves and others.
  13. Acknowledges and abides by class time expectations.
  14. Indicates a lack of desire for progression.
  15. Produces good work under a variety of circumstances.
  16. Engages in lively discussions.
  17. Asks relevant and pertinent questions.
  18. Struggles to remain engaged in these circumstances/subject areas:_______.
  19. Advocates for their own rights and needs.
  20. Organizes thoughts and materials in a mature and responsible manner.
  21. Respects and is considerate of authority, boundaries and feelings of teachers and peers.
  22. Offers to help when a need is identified.
  23. Engages in creative and critical thinking.
  24. Models respectful behavior.
  25. Compliments others on their efforts and work.
  26. Takes responsibility for actions.
  27. Exceeds social/academic expectations.
  28. Needs assistance in approaching benchmarks.
  29. Takes initiative with problem-solving.
  30. Shows improvement in reading skills.
  31. Demonstrates understanding of mathematical concepts.
  32. Contributes positively to group work.
  33. Demonstrates initiative in classroom tasks.
  34. Shows creativity in problem-solving.
  35. Exhibits consistent effort and focus in class.
  36. Communicates effectively with peers and teachers.
  37. Demonstrates responsibility for personal belongings.
  38. Demonstrates good listening skills during instruction.
  39. Shows respect for school property.
  40. Contributes constructively during class discussions.
  41. Shows curiosity and enthusiasm in learning.
  42. Demonstrates improvement in handwriting skills.
  43. Works well independently.
  44. Demonstrates the ability to follow instructions.
  45. Demonstrates respect for diverse ideas and classmates.
  46. Participates actively in physical education class.
  47. Demonstrates a strong understanding of historical events.
  48. Demonstrates a positive attitude when faced with challenges.
  49. Shows progress in developing organizational skills.
  50. Actively seeks help when needed.

50 quick report card comments for middle and high schoolers

  1. Demonstrates strong analytical thinking skills.
  2. Shows significant improvement in writing skills.
  3. Displays a deep understanding of complex concepts.
  4. Actively participates in class discussions and debates.
  5. Shows maturity and responsibility in handling assignments.
  6. Consistently meets deadlines for assignments.
  7. Demonstrates leadership skills in group projects.
  8. Continues to excel in mathematics.
  9. Shows creativity and originality in their projects.
  10. Exhibits strong communication skills in presentations.
  11. Maintains a positive and respectful attitude in class.
  12. Demonstrates strong research skills.
  13. Excels in critical thinking and problem-solving.
  14. Shows a high level of engagement and interest in class.
  15. Could benefit from additional focus in certain areas: _______.
  16. Actively seeks help when needed.
  17. Maintains a consistent and strong work ethic.
  18. Demonstrates a strong grasp of scientific concepts.
  19. Shows improvement in time management skills.
  20. Demonstrates excellent teamwork skills.
  21. Continues to make significant progress in foreign language studies.
  22. Displays a deep understanding of historical events and their implications.
  23. Exhibits respect for diverse perspectives during class discussions.
  24. Demonstrates strong skills in coding and computer science.
  25. Excels in creative writing assignments.
  26. Shows a clear understanding of geometry and algebraic concepts.
  27. Demonstrates strong reading comprehension skills.
  28. Exhibits a keen interest in learning new topics.
  29. Could benefit from more participation in class discussions.
  30. Shows a high level of initiative during class projects.
  31. Demonstrates the ability to handle complex assignments independently.
  32. Needs to improve organizational skills.
  33. Shows a strong commitment to improving academic performance.
  34. Excels in artistic assignments and projects.
  35. Demonstrates a solid understanding of economic principles.
  36. Could benefit from additional revision and preparation for exams.
  37. Maintains a positive attitude even when faced with challenging assignments.
  38. Demonstrates a strong understanding of political science concepts.
  39. Shows a high level of proficiency in physical education.
  40. Continues to excel in music and performing arts.
  41. Demonstrates a solid understanding of grammatical concepts in English.
  42. Exhibits a high level of dedication to community service projects.
  43. Shows a deep interest and understanding of environmental science.
  44. Excels in public speaking and debate.
  45. Demonstrates a strong understanding of literary analysis.
  46. Shows an impressive ability to apply theory to practical situations.
  47. Exhibits a strong work ethic and dedication to learning.
  48. Demonstrates a high level of proficiency in advanced mathematical concepts.
  49. Shows a keen interest in exploring STEM fields.
  50. Always seeks to challenge themselves with advanced coursework.

There is so much more to our students than a simple academic update- but it’s hard to find the time to articulate each student’s holistic progress. We hope this list will enable you to communicate more effectively with parents and guardians and open up your time.

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