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Help students explore the world and develop their geography knowledge with this packet of geography activities for middle school. Students can explore new places, become world geography experts, or find fun ways to practice their geography vocabulary.

These activities are great as extension or early-finisher activities, or take-home independent practice work.

This choice board offers activities that span a range of different geography topics from natural disasters, to population, to maps, plus all the accompanying printable geography worksheets - simply print and go!

Students can choose from activities like:

Scavenger Hunt

Create a globe scavenger hunt for a partner. Write the latitude and longitude of 10 places on the globe. Create an answer key. Challenge a partner to find the locations, and check their answers.

Landform Study

Choose two types of landforms to research using Infoplease, textbooks, or nonfiction books. Compare and contrast them by filling in the Venn diagram. Include at least two ways they are the same and three ways they are different.

Population Graph

Research the populations of five countries using Infoplease. Create a graph to compare the populations of the five countries. Write three questions about your graph. Have a partner answer them.
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