Report Card Comments & Phrases—End of Year

This collection of 110 comments and phrases is perfect for end of the year report cards. With examples of positive comments for students and suggestions for improvement, you can customize and tailor them as necessary to provide a fitting look back on a full year in the classroom. Appropriate for all grade levels.

Opening / Closing Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • Thank you for your interest in ____________'s schoolwork this year. With [his/her] continued effort, [he/she] will receive much satisfaction from her work.

  • ____________ is a positive member of the class and a hard worker. I have thoroughly enjoyed having [him/her] in my class this year. Have a wonderful summer.

  • Thank you for your support and interest in our class this year. ____________ is a very hardworking student and should have much success in the ____ grade.

  • ____________ has been a joy to teach this year. Their dedication to learning has been admirable. Wishing them a fantastic summer and looking forward to seeing their progress in the next grade.

  • It's been a pleasure to see ____________'s growth over the year. With their ongoing commitment, they will achieve great things. Have a restful and enjoyable summer.

  • Your involvement in ____________'s education this year has been appreciated. Their improvement is commendable, and I am confident they will do well in the next grade. Enjoy the summer break!

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • Despite ____________'s efforts, there still seems to be a struggle in [specific area]. With continued practice over the summer, we hope to see improvement in the next grade.

  • ____________ has demonstrated difficulty in [specific area]. Additional support and practice could be beneficial for their progress next year.

  • It has been a challenging year for ____________ in [specific area]. It would be helpful to spend some time over the summer focusing on this.

  • ____________ has shown some understanding in [specific area], but there are still areas that need improvement. Continued practice over the summer can help improve this.

  • While ____________ has made some progress in [specific area], there is still room for improvement. A consistent effort will be crucial for their success in the next grade.

  • Improvement is needed in [specific area] for ____________. Utilizing resources and extra practice over the summer may help them prepare for the challenges of the next grade.

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Academic Achievement and Improvement Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • ____________ has shown exceptional growth in [his/her] academic skills and has consistently exceeded our expectations.

  • The improvement in ____________'s study habits has positively affected [his/her] performance. [His/Her] dedication to learning is commendable.

  • ____________ has consistently shown a deep understanding of all the topics we covered this year. This has been reflected in [his/her] excellent grades.

  • ____________'s academic achievement this year has been outstanding. [His/Her] hard work and dedication have paid off.

  • Over the course of the year, ____________ has shown a remarkable improvement in [his/her] academic performance.

  • ____________ has demonstrated a strong capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving, which has greatly contributed to [his/her] academic success this year.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ has struggled with maintaining consistent academic performance over the year. Focused attention on [his/her] studies over the summer could be beneficial.

  • While ____________ has shown some progress in [specific area], [he/she] would benefit from additional practice and effort in this area.

  • ____________ has faced challenges in [specific area]. Continued practice and focus on this area over the summer could prove beneficial.

  • ____________'s academic progress has been inconsistent. [He/She] would greatly benefit from implementing more effective study habits.

  • While ____________ has the potential for great academic success, [he/she] often struggles to apply [himself/herself] consistently.

  • There is room for improvement in ____________'s academic performance. Regular practice and review of the material could help [him/her] improve in the next grade.

Classroom Behavior Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • ____________ demonstrates excellent classroom behavior and positively influences classmates.

  • ____________ has shown significant improvement in behavior and is maturing as a responsible student.

  • ____________ consistently adheres to classroom rules and shows respect to peers and teachers.

  • ____________ actively and respectfully participates in class discussions.

  • ____________ brings a positive attitude and a smile to the classroom, making it a joy to teach them.

  • ____________ displays a great capacity for self-discipline, managing their behavior maturely.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ struggles with following classroom rules and needs to focus on this over the summer.

  • ____________'s behavior can occasionally disrupt the class. Continued effort to respect the learning environment is necessary.

  • ____________ has difficulties in maintaining respectful behavior towards peers. Continued practice in treating others kindly is required.

  • ____________'s behavior in class can sometimes distract others. A focus on self-control could be beneficial.

  • ____________ struggles with listening skills during instruction. Focused attention during class could lead to improvement.

  • While ____________ shows potential, their behavior towards teachers and classmates needs improvement.

Work Habits Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • There has been a noticeable improvement in ____________'s work habits this year. Please continue to work on [his/her] skills over the summer.

  • ____________ has shown consistent dedication to [his/her] work, demonstrating good organizational skills and focus.

  • ____________ has made significant improvements in managing [his/her] time effectively and completing assignments on time.

  • ____________ has demonstrated a high level of responsibility and commitment in [his/her] work habits throughout the year.

  • ____________ has shown a consistent ability to work independently and take initiative in [his/her] learning.

  • ____________ has improved in staying focused during class and on tasks, contributing positively to [his/her] overall academic performance.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ has struggled with completing assignments on time. A focus on time management skills over the summer could be beneficial.

  • ____________'s work often lacks the neatness and organization necessary for success. Continued practice in these areas is recommended.

  • ____________ has had difficulties staying focused during class and on tasks. Fostering better attention skills will be crucial for the next grade.

  • While ____________ has demonstrated some understanding of the material, [his/her] homework often shows a lack of thoroughness and attention to detail.

  • There is room for improvement in ____________'s work habits, particularly in terms of consistency and follow-through with assignments.

  • ____________ often relies on peers for help with assignments instead of attempting to solve problems independently. Encouragement to work more independently could help [him/her] in the coming year.

Social Skills and Character Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • ____________ demonstrates excellent social skills, often taking the initiative to help peers and work collaboratively on projects.

  • ____________ shows a high level of respect and kindness towards classmates and teachers, contributing to a positive classroom environment.

  • ____________'s ability to communicate effectively with peers and teachers is commendable and has greatly improved this year.

  • ____________ has shown a remarkable ability to resolve conflicts constructively and maintain positive relationships with peers.

  • ____________'s leadership skills have been a great asset to our classroom, helping to foster a cooperative learning environment.

  • ____________ consistently displays empathy and understanding towards the feelings and perspectives of others, which is greatly appreciated.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ sometimes struggles with sharing and taking turns, which could be a focus for improvement over the summer.

  • ____________ has had some difficulties working cooperatively in a group setting. Continued practice in this area would be beneficial.

  • It would be helpful if ____________ could work on their communication skills to express their thoughts and feelings more clearly.

  • While ____________ is generally respectful towards others, there have been instances of interrupting or talking over others.

  • ____________ sometimes struggles with handling disagreements in a constructive manner. Fostering better conflict resolution skills could be beneficial.

  • There is room for improvement in ____________'s ability to listen to and respect the perspectives of others.

Attitude and Motivation Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • ____________ has matured nicely this year. [His/her] progress during this last quarter was impressive. I hope this effort and attitude will carry over into the next school year.

  • ____________ has shown great enthusiasm for learning this year, which has had a positive impact on [his/her] academic performance.

  • ____________'s positive attitude towards school and [his/her] natural curiosity has been a joy to witness. [He/She] is always eager to learn new things.

  • ____________ has demonstrated a strong motivation to succeed this year. [His/Her] effort and determination are commendable.

  • ____________ consistently displays a positive attitude in class and is always willing to take on new challenges. This has contributed significantly to [his/her] success this year.

  • ____________'s determination and perseverance have stood out this year. Even when faced with difficult tasks, [he/she] has remained focused and committed to achieving [his/her] goals.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ tends to give up easily when faced with challenges. Encouragement to persist and not be afraid of making mistakes could be beneficial for the next school year.

  • While ____________ shows interest in learning, [his/her] lack of focus often hinders [his/her] academic progress. [He/She] needs to work on maintaining motivation, especially when tasks become difficult.

  • ____________ often seems disengaged in class and does not actively participate in learning activities. [He/She] could benefit from developing a more enthusiastic approach to learning.

  • ____________'s negative attitude towards certain subjects is hindering [his/her] academic growth. [He/She] needs to work on maintaining a positive attitude even when tasks are challenging.

  • ____________ sometimes lacks the motivation to complete assignments on time. Enhancing [his/her] self-motivation skills and commitment to tasks could improve [his/her] academic performance.

  • ____________ often seems reluctant to accept new challenges. Fostering a more open-minded and determined attitude could be beneficial for their learning in the next grade.

Attendance Comments for End of the Year Reports

Positive Comments:

  • ____________ has had excellent attendance this year, which has positively influenced [his/her] academic progress.

  • ____________'s regular attendance has contributed to [his/her] consistent performance and understanding of the curriculum.

  • ____________ is to be commended for [his/her] perfect attendance this year. This has allowed [him/her] to fully engage in all learning activities.

  • ____________'s consistent attendance has allowed [him/her] to participate fully in class activities and discussions, enhancing [his/her] learning experience.

  • ____________'s attendance has been exceptional this year, demonstrating [his/her] commitment to learning.

  • ____________ has shown a strong commitment to [his/her] education through [his/her] regular attendance this year.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ____________ has had several absences this year, which has impacted [his/her] ability to keep up with the class.

  • Regular attendance is important for academic success. ____________ has missed a number of classes which has affected [his/her] progress.

  • ____________'s frequent absences have made it difficult for [him/her] to keep up with the material covered in class.

  • ____________'s irregular attendance has hindered [his/her] academic progress this year. Regular attendance in the future will help [him/her] stay on track.

  • ____________'s frequent tardiness has resulted in missed instruction time. It's important for [him/her] to arrive on time to make the most of [his/her] learning.

  • ____________ has struggled with attendance this year, which has affected [his/her] ability to fully participate in class activities. Improvement in this area would be beneficial for [his/her] learning.

Future Goals Comments for End of the Year Reports

  • ____________ has shown a keen interest in [specific subject]. Exploring this further could open up new opportunities for academic growth next year.

  • Moving forward, ____________ should aim to build upon the solid foundation developed this year in [specific subject].

  • ____________ has expressed a desire to improve in [specific area]. Setting specific goals and strategies for this will be a focus next year.

  • As we move into the next grade, ____________ should focus on developing greater autonomy in [his/her] learning.

  • ____________'s goal for the next school year could be to improve [his/her] skills in [specific area]. I believe [he/she] has the potential to excel with consistent effort.

  • I encourage ____________ to continue nurturing [his/her] passion for [specific subject]. This enthusiasm will serve [him/her] well in future learning.

  • In the next grade, ____________ should aim to take on more leadership roles within the classroom to help develop [his/her] leadership skills.

  • ____________ has shown potential in [specific area]. A goal for the next school year could be to deepen [his/her] understanding of this subject.

  • ____________ would benefit from setting a goal to improve [his/her] participation in class discussions next year.

  • As ____________ moves into the next grade, I encourage [him/her] to set a goal around improving [his/her] time management skills, which will support [his/her] academic success.

Other Useful Phrases for End of the Year Reports

  • _______ has matured nicely this year, both academically and socially.

  • _______'s friendly, sincere way has made him a very popular member of the ___ grade.

  • _______ would benefit from reading many library books this summer.

  • _______ needs to improve his reading speed and comprehension if he is to have success in the ______ grade.

  • _______ continued to blossom as the year progressed.

  • _______ helped to make my year a pleasant one.

  • _______ takes a keen interest in all her work and is a most agreeable and willing worker. It has been wonderful having her in my room.

  • Thank you for the help I know you have given her.

  • Please continue during the summer with ______ review and as many reading experiences as possible.

  • Thank you for your interest in _______'s attitude.

  • I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you this year.

  • Thanks for your cooperation.

  • With _______'s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class.

  • I have enjoyed the association I have had with _______.

  • I enjoyed having _______ in my class.

  • It has been a pleasure to have _______ in my class.

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