Report Card Comments & Phrases — Character and Social/Emotional Traits

150 ready-to-use report card comments and phrases on social/emotional learning traits, character, attitude, and behavior. Help parents and students appreciate the development and importance of social and emotional skills with these customizable comments designed to speed up the report card process.

This bank of free social/emotional report card comments is suitable for any grade and features additional examples for elementary school and middle school students.

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Character and Social/Emotional Traits

Respectfulness Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ relates well to others and is appreciative of different perspectives and experiences.

  • ________ is positive and encouraging with classmates in group projects and activities, and both takes and gives suggestions and directions well.

  • ________ consistently shows respect for teachers and peers, which is reflected in [his/her] polite and considerate behavior.

  • ________ actively listens to others, demonstrating an excellent level of respect and understanding.

  • ________ exhibits a high level of respect for the classroom environment, consistently treating resources and materials with care.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ needs to work on showing appreciation for the perspectives and experiences of others.

  • ________ could improve on giving and receiving suggestions positively and constructively during group activities.

  • ________ should work on consistently showing respect towards teachers and peers, as reflected in [his/ her] behavior.

  • ________ has room for improvement in active listening skills to demonstrate a higher level of respect and understanding for others.

  • ________ needs to show more respect for the classroom environment by treating resources and materials with greater care.

Responsibility Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ is responsible and accountable. [He/she] makes good decisions and acknowledges mistakes and opportunities to improve.

  • ________ is dependable, takes direction well, and follows through on [his/her] commitments to [himself/herself] and others.

  • ________ consistently takes ownership of [his/her] tasks and completes them on time.

  • ________ shows a high level of responsibility by always being prepared for class and assignments.

  • ________ often goes above and beyond their duties and responsibilities, showing a strong commitment to [his/her] work.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ needs to work on taking more responsibility for [his/her] tasks and assignments.

  • ________ should try to be more accountable for [his/her] actions and decisions.

  • ________ could improve on following through on [his/her] commitments to both [himself/herself] and others.

  • ________ would benefit from showing a greater sense of responsibility in completing tasks on time.

  • ________ should strive to be more reliable and dependable in [his/her] work.

Cooperation Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ communicates and collaborates well with classmates and staff.

  • ________ works well with classmates in group projects and activities, often taking a leadership or planning role.

  • ________ consistently contributes valuable insights during group activities, fostering a collaborative environment.

  • ________ effectively resolves conflicts in team settings, promoting a harmonious atmosphere.

  • ________ frequently helps teammates understand complex ideas, displaying great teamwork.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ could enhance their participation in group discussions to foster better collaboration.

  • ________ should strive to take on more team responsibilities to promote balanced teamwork.

  • ________ needs to improve their conflict resolution skills to maintain a positive group dynamic.

  • ________ should work on their communication skills to better collaborate with classmates.

  • ________ could benefit from more actively supporting [his/her] teammates' ideas to enhance team cohesion.

Self-Control Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ manages [his/her] emotions appropriately and responds well to feedback.

  • ________ effectively keeps calm under pressure and handles stress well.

  • ________ demonstrates maturity by controlling impulses and thinking before acting.

  • ________ shows good self-discipline and consistently maintains self-control.

  • ________ manages [his/her] reactions well, even in challenging situations.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should work on remaining calm and composed when facing stressful situations.

  • ________ needs to develop better impulse control to avoid hasty decisions.

  • ________ could improve [his/her] ability to manage their reactions in challenging circumstances.

  • ________ should strive to practice patience and think before reacting.

  • ________ needs to work on maintaining self-discipline, especially in high-pressure situations.

Empathy Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ is often among the first to help and mentor other classmates. [He/she] is a valuable part of our classroom community.

  • ________ consistently demonstrates an understanding of others' feelings and perspectives.

  • ________ is always ready to empathize with peers, showing genuine concern and kindness.

  • ________ often displays empathy when interacting with classmates, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • ________ regularly exhibits the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, enhancing the sense of community in our class.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should work on understanding and sharing the feelings of classmates more regularly.

  • ________ could improve in showing empathy towards peers, especially during disagreements.

  • ________ needs to display a greater capacity to empathize with the experiences and emotions of others.

  • ________ should strive to recognize and validate the feelings of classmates more consistently.

  • ________ could benefit from practicing empathy to foster a more supportive and inclusive class atmosphere.

Attitude Toward Learning Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ is positive, optimistic, and confident, and a great role model for [his/her] classmates.

  • ________ is interested in [his/her] learning, is attentive, and makes an effort to avoid distractions that would interrupt the learning process.

  • ________ is always interested in learning new things and sharing that knowledge with classmates.

  • ________ shows resilience in learning, bouncing back from challenges and showing determination to understand new concepts.

  • ________ displays curiosity and a strong desire to learn, often exploring topics beyond the curriculum.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should work on maintaining a positive attitude, even when facing difficult tasks.

  • ________ could benefit from showing more interest and engagement in the learning process.

  • ________ needs to work on reducing distractions to focus better on the tasks at hand.

  • ________ should strive to be more open to learning new concepts and not resist unfamiliar topics.

  • ________ could improve [his/her] learning experience by sharing and discussing what they've learned with others more frequently.

Ability to Work Independently Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ has shown great ability to set goals and be persistent in achieving them.

  • ________ is very good at seeing things through to the end, and finishing things [he/she] starts.

  • ________ demonstrates strong self-motivation and initiative in [his/her] work.

  • ________ consistently shows the ability to handle tasks and projects independently.

  • ________ effectively manages time and resources when working on tasks.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ could improve [his/her] ability to work independently and manage tasks without supervision.

  • ________ should work on [his/her] self-motivation to complete tasks more independently.

  • ________ could benefit from developing stronger time management skills for independent work.

  • ________ should strive to take more initiative in [his/her] tasks and assignments.

  • ________ needs to show more persistence in overcoming challenges when working independently.

Ability to Work in a Team Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ looks for ways to be helpful in the classroom, and in the larger school community.

  • ________ collaborates effectively with team members and contributes valuable ideas.

  • ________ consistently shows willingness to assist teammates when they are struggling.

  • ________ displays excellent team spirit and actively promotes a positive group dynamic.

  • ________ excels in taking on shared responsibilities in team tasks and projects.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should strive to contribute more actively to team discussions and projects.

  • ________ could improve their communication skills within the team to build better relationships.

  • ________ needs to show more willingness to share responsibilities in group tasks.

  • ________ should work on being more supportive and understanding towards team members.

  • ________ could benefit from engaging more actively in cooperative learning activities.

Problem-Solving Skills Remarks

Positive Comment:

  • ________ works hard at solving problems with classmates through communication, respect, and tolerance.

  • ________ takes a very creative approach to solving problems, and is often very innovative in developing solutions.

  • ________ excels at combining different ideas and concepts to come up with new ways to approach problems or challenges.

  • ________ excels at applying what [he/she] learns in the classroom to real-world and real-life situations.

  • ________ shows excellent insight and uses logical reasoning during social conflicts or dilemmas.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should practice using more creative strategies to navigate social challenges.

  • ________ could benefit from more actively applying learned social skills to handle interpersonal issues.

  • ________ needs to improve [his/her] ability to work collaboratively with peers to resolve social conflicts.

  • ________ should strive to develop a more logical and structured approach to managing social situations.

  • ________ could enhance [his/her] social problem-solving skills by relating them to real-world social scenarios more frequently.

Conflict Resolution Skills Remarks

Positive Comments:

  • ________ works hard at resolving conflicts with classmates through communication, respect, and tolerance.

  • ________ consistently demonstrates the ability to mediate disputes and maintain harmony among classmates.

  • ________ is adept at applying peaceful solutions to conflicts, fostering a positive class environment.

  • ________ effectively uses communication skills to resolve disagreements and misunderstandings.

  • ________ shows impressive maturity in handling conflicts, often taking the initiative to mediate and find a resolution.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should work on utilizing peaceful strategies to resolve disagreements with peers.

  • ________ could benefit from practicing more patience during conflicts, to ensure smoother resolution.

  • ________ needs to develop stronger communication skills to express [himself/herself] clearly during disagreements.

  • ________ should strive to be more proactive in resolving conflicts and promoting harmony.

  • ________ could improve [his/her] ability to empathize with others during conflicts to find mutually beneficial resolutions.

Social/Emotional Comments for Elementary School

Positive Comments:

  • ________ effectively uses self-regulation strategies to manage emotions and behavior.

  • ________ demonstrates a good understanding of [his/her] emotional responses and knows when to seek help.

  • ________ can calm themselves down when [he/she] gets upset and can articulate [his/her] feelings.

  • ________ consistently uses healthy coping mechanisms when dealing with stress or frustration.

  • ________ demonstrates impressive emotional intelligence for [his/her] age and shows empathy towards [his/her] peers.

  • ________ has excellent self-management skills and can stay focused on tasks.

  • ________ shows resilience in the face of challenges and bounces back quickly from setbacks.

  • ________ can recognize and manage [his/her] impulses effectively.

  • ________ consistently displays a positive attitude and handles disappointment well.

  • ________ uses effective problem-solving skills to navigate social situations and conflicts.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ could benefit from practicing self-regulation strategies to manage [his/her] emotions and behavior.

  • ________ should work on recognizing their emotional responses and seeking help when needed.

  • ________ needs to develop more effective coping mechanisms for dealing with stress or frustration.

  • ________ should strive to improve [his/her] self-management skills to stay focused on tasks.

  • ________ could improve [his/her] problem-solving skills to better navigate social situations and conflicts.

Social/Emotional Comments for Middle School

Positive Comments:

  • ________ consistently demonstrates maturity and responsibility well beyond [his/her] years.

  • ________ showcases excellent peer interaction and has a positive influence on the class dynamics.

  • ________ has shown remarkable growth in [his/her] ability to handle stress and pressure.

  • ________ consistently maintains a positive attitude, even when faced with significant challenges.

  • ________ displays empathy towards peers and is often sought for advice or comfort.

  • ________ has excellent problem-solving skills and always tries to resolve conflicts amicably.

  • ________ is exceptional at setting personal goals and working diligently towards achieving them.

  • ________ shows resilience in the face of adversity and often helps peers to do the same.

  • ________ has a very strong sense of responsibility and often takes the lead in group tasks.

  • ________ consistently shows a high level of respect for peers and teachers, contributing to a positive learning environment.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ could benefit from developing more effective strategies for managing stress and pressure.

  • ________ should work on improving [his/her] communication skills to build stronger relationships with peers.

  • ________ needs to show more initiative in contributing to group tasks and projects.

  • ________ should strive to develop a more positive attitude towards challenging tasks or situations.

  • ________ could improve their ability to empathize with peers, especially during conflicts or disagreements.

General Remarks on Character, Attitude, and Behavior

Positive Comments:

  • ________ has done a great job facing and overcoming big challenges this year. Please continue to encourage this behavior over the summer.

  • It has been a pleasure to have _______'s enthusiasm, energy and passion in my class.

  • ________ consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, making [him/her] a joy to teach.

  • ________ has shown remarkable growth in their ability to work well with others, contributing to a harmonious classroom environment.

  • ________ consistently displays maturity and respect towards their peers and teachers, which is exemplary behavior.

  • ________ has shown great determination and perseverance in overcoming academic challenges.

  • ________ is always eager to participate in class discussions, showcasing [his/her] enthusiasm for learning.

  • ________ consistently demonstrates responsibility and accountability, which is commendable.

  • ________ has a positive influence on the class with [his/her] optimistic outlook and cheerful demeanor.

  • ________ always expresses their thoughts and opinions respectfully, which is appreciated in our diverse classroom.

Needs Improvement Comments:

  • ________ should work on developing a more consistent approach toward [his/her] studies and responsibilities.

  • ________ could benefit from showing more respect towards [his/her] classmates and teachers.

  • ________ needs to work on maintaining a positive attitude, especially when faced with challenges.

  • ________ should strive to develop better communication skills to express [himself/herself] more clearly.

  • ________ could improve [his/her] behavior by showing more attention and respect during class discussions.

  • ________ needs to work on taking responsibility for [his/her] actions and decisions.

  • ________ could benefit from displaying more empathy towards [his/her] classmates.

  • ________ should work on maintaining self-discipline, especially in high-pressure situations.

  • ________ needs to show more initiative and engagement in class activities and discussions.

  • ________ should strive to be more reliable in their work.


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