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Our lessons, printables, and activities on the U.S. electoral process provide great teaching ideas for fall, especially during an election year. Explore election requirements for the federal government with your students. You'll also find great ways for students to get involved in local politics, like holding classroom debates or writing letters to representatives. Units on civil rights and women's history will benefit from resources on the American suffrage movement.

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Women's History Videos & Activities

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Paul Ryan Biography

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Mitt Romney: 2012 Campaign Issues

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Bad Kitty for President: Word Scramble!

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U.S. Elections and Voting Quiz (Level II)

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Declare Yourself Teacher's Guide

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Australia's Migration Patterns

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Australian Voting-Rights Timeline

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Heroines of Women's Suffrage

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UK Women's Suffrage Timeline

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The Gandhi Family

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Voting in Canada

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Reading Guide for My Dad, John McCain

Discuss John McCain's time in the U.S. Navy and as a POW with the questions... read more


Mock Election Ideas for the Classroom

Help your students understand the process of electing officials and the pow... read more

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