Report Card Comments & Phrases—Citizenship

Excellent citizenship report card comments and phrases that will save hours at the end of each marking period and help parents and students understand how being a good citizen in the classroom enhances learning and community. Appropriate for all grade levels - easy to modify and customize to suit individual needs.

Citizenship Report Card Comments & Phrases

We've created a comprehensive guide to citizenship report card comments and phrases to help educators accurately and effectively communicate students' behaviors and interactions within the classroom setting.

Covering positive behaviors, areas that need improvement, and follow-up comments to track progress, educators can use these phrases to deliver clear and constructive feedback to both students and parents. 

What is citizenship in the classroom? 

Citizenship refers to the way students interact with each other, their teachers, and their learning environment. This includes respecting the rights and opinions of others, helping classmates, and contributing to a positive learning environment. 

Citizenship report card comments can help parents better understand their children’s behavior in class and learn what needs to be worked on at home. 

Positive citizenship report card comments

  • _______ has made many fine contributions to our class and is an inspiration to her classmates.
  • No matter how busy _______ is, he still has time to do something nice for someone. For this reason, he is one of the best citizens in my class.
  • _______ assumes responsibility well, excels on the playground and is well-liked by her peers.
  • _______ is a very dependable student. She frequently helps her classmates without being asked to do so. Thank you for your help.
  • _______ is one the best citizens in the class. He often volunteers and helps others without being asked.
  • _______ is very helpful with cleanup work around the room.
  • _______ is very helpful with cleanup work around the room.
  • _______ gets along well with other children.
  • _______ accepts responsibility.
  • _______ works well with her neighbors.
  • _______ is a good citizen.
  • _______ makes friends quickly and is well-liked by classmates.
  • _______ cooperates well.
  • _______ helps others.
  • _______ is a big help in seeing that our room looks clean and pleasant.
  • _______ is a fine citizen and takes a keen interest in school.
  • _______ possesses good self-discipline.
  • _______ is respectful of others.
  • _______ can be very helpful and dependable in the classroom.
  • _______ is always cooperative.
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Citizenship report card comments for students who need improvement

  • _______ needs to improve respect for others.
  • _______ interrupts others.
  • _______ needs to learn more socially acceptable behavior.
  • _______ needs to improve his self-control so he can be more socially accepted.
  • _______ is learning to listen and share with others.
  • _______ has difficulty following the classroom rules.
  • _______ does too much talking. It is disturbing to the other children.
  • _______ frequently disrupts class by talking out of turn.
  • _______ should work on respecting the personal space of others.
  • _______ could benefit from focusing more during group activities.
  • _______ tends to not take responsibility for their actions.
  • _______ needs to demonstrate better sportsmanship during games.
  • _______ struggles to follow instructions and often needs reminders.
  • _______ could work on being more considerate of classmates during discussions.
  • _______ often forgets to raise their hand before speaking in class.
  • _______ should try harder to keep their work area clean and organized.
  • _______ needs to work on sharing classroom resources with others.

Follow-up citizenship report card comments

  • As you know from my reports to you, _______ has had some problems adjusting to our room. Please continue to work with him in this area.
  • _______ is starting to understand that to be a part of this class, she must follow the classroom rules. More improvement is needed for her to be successful in this area.
  • _______ is trying to practice good citizenship habits, but has been inconsistent with this. He needs to remember that we play only at certain times.
  • Since our last conference, _______ has shown great improvement in the area of citizenship. Thank you for your support.
  • _______ is learning to be careful, cooperative, and fair.
  • Although _______ has had some difficulty adjusting to our room and various duties, he usually tries to cooperate.

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