Report Card Comments & Phrases for Kindergarten

Wondering how and what to write for report card comments for kindergarten?

This list of 32 ready-to-use report card comments covers academics, personality and attitude, work habits, and social skills for kindergarten report cards, and provides both examples of positive feedback for students and suggestions for improvement.

Help make the kindergarten grading and evaluation process easier with this selection of editable, categorized comments.

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Academic Achievement and Improvement Remarks for Kindergarten Students

  • ____________ has made solid progress in [reading/writing/math] and is performing [at grade level/above grade level] benchmarks. Good job!

  • ____________ is making progress in [his/her] core subjects but is having some difficulty with _________. I am not concerned about this at the moment, and believe that with continued hard work [he/she] will see improvement quickly.

  • I am concerned with ___________’s academic progress, and would like to schedule a conference with you to discuss how best to support [his/her} efforts both in school and at home.

  • ____________ is an attentive student who has shown regular improvement in [reading/writing/math] skills since [his/her] last report card.

  • ____________ works hard in class and has excellent [reading/writing/math] skills for [his/her] age. {He\she] enjoys [these/this subject(s)]. Please encourage [him/her] to use these skills at home!

  • ____________ is an enthusiastic learner who enjoys school. [He/she] is having some difficulty with [reading/writing/math] - please continue to review with {him/her] nightly.

  • ____________ has continued to struggle with [reading/writing/math], despite additional in-class and at-home support. I would like to schedule a conference with you to discuss benchmark testing and possible specialist support.

  • ____________ really enjoys school and [his/her] enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of work [he/she] does in class and at home. [He/she] is a great student!

Work Habit Remarks for Kindergarten Students

  • ____________ does mostly good work, but [he/she] is not consistent. We will continue to work on helping [him/her] submit [his/her] best work every time - please continue with the great support at home!

  • As discussed in previous meetings, ___________’s work habits still require continued support and attention in order to get [him/her] to an acceptable level.

  • ____________ has made great progress in improving [his/her] work habits, and is now submitting work that is grade-level appropriate. Great job!

  • ____________ is struggling with completing work and other tasks on time and without assistance. {He/she] is easily distracted and has difficulty staying on task when this happens.

  • ____________ has excellent work habits and always completes [his/her] work and other tasks on time and with great care. [He/she] is a great model for other students in our class!

  • ____________ generally does quality work, but is sometimes too focused on getting [his/her] independent work done too quickly, which leads to issues with accuracy and unnecessary errors. Please help to reinforce a careful and focused work pace at home.

  • ____________ works very well independently, is enthusiastic and conscientious, and submits neat, correct, and high-quality work every time. Awesome job!

  • ____________ is struggling to finish independent assignments. [He/she] has made progress in managing time and making serious efforts, but needs continued support in this area in order to develop the skills necessary for doing great work on [his/her] own.

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Personality and Attitude Remarks for Kindergarten Students

  • ____________ is thoughtful, pleasant, curious, and a hard worker. [He/she] enjoys school and is a great classmate. Great job!

  • ____________ is struggling with consistency in [his/her] attitude in school. While [he/she] is very good at [behavior/attitude], [he/she] sometimes struggles with [behavior/attitude]. We will continue to work on this, and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • ____________ shows interest in and enthusiasm for school, [his/her] classmates, and learning and applying new skills and concepts. [He/she] is a joy to have in class.

  • ____________ enjoys participating in class activities, working in groups, and helping others. [He/she] adds a lot to the personality of our classroom and is well-liked by other students.

  • ___________ needs to be encouraged to participate more in class activities and group work. [He/she] has made progress with this since the beginning of the year, but has more work to do.

  • ____________ is struggling with consistently following classroom rules, especially those having to do with [behavior/attitude/norm]. I am confident that with ongoing support and reminders, [he/she] will make quick improvements in this area.

  • ____________ has continued to struggle with adapting to classroom rules and routines. I would like to schedule a conference with you to discuss how we can work together to improve [his/her] behavior.

  • ____________’s attitude toward school and [his/her] classmates has improved dramatically since the last reporting period. Thank you for your help!

Social-Emotional Skills Remarks and Comments for Kindergarten Students

  • ____________ manages and regulates [his/her] emotions appropriately and responds well to feedback.

  • ____________ is very good at finishing things that [he/she] starts and seeing them all the way through to the end result.

  • ____________ communicates very effectively with classmates, teachers, and other staff members.

  • ____________ is dependable and reliable, responds well to direction and coaching, and follows through on [his/her] commitments to [him/her]self and others.

  • ____________ is responsible and accountable for [his/her] work, behavior, and communication both inside and outside the classroom.

  • ____________ is always looking for ways to be helpful to other students and members of the school community.

  • ____________ works very well with classmates and others on group projects and activities, and is comfortable being a leader.

  • ____________ relates well to others and is appreciative of different perspectives, experiences, and circumstances.

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