Grading Strategies and Report Card Comments Essentials Kit

Report card comments and grading strategies for teachers in every classroom - 90+ pages of grading comments examples, tips, and advice for managing student grades.

What's Included In This Essentials Kit

  • 15 categories of report card comments and phrases - for academic achievement and improvement, personality and attitude, work habits, end of year, and more
  • Grading strategies for teachers - advice from experts and veteran teachers for simplifying the process of student grades
  • Tips and advice for formative assessment examples
  • Positive classroom behaviors list and examples of positive student behavior
  • Editable PDFs for report card comments can be easily customized
  • Prints in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy reading and copying

Report Card Comments and Grading Strategies Featured In This Essentials Kit

  • Report Card Comments: Academic Achievement and Improvement, Personality and Attitude, Work Habits, Math/Science/ELA/Social Studies, Distance Learning, Preschool, Kindergarten, Citizenship, Social-Emotional, ESL, and more
  • Grading Strategies: Grading and Assessment Workbook for Teachers, Tips for Grading and Writing Comments
  • Assessment: 10 Ideas for Building a Formative Assessment Toolkit, Assessing Remote Learning
  • Advice: How to Grade with a Growth Mindset, Positive Descriptions of Student Behavior

Download this Grading and Report Card Comments Essentials Kit

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