Report Card Comments & Phrases—Science

Save time and speed up your report card writing process using these suggested comments and phrases for science. Appropriate for all grade levels, the comments and phrases can be edited or modified to suit every student in your class.
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Report Card Comments & Phrases—Science


  • _______ demonstrates a solid understanding of science concepts at this grade level. Please continue to work on ______ nightly.

  • _______ has worked hard in science this quarter. However, her progress has been slower than I would have liked. Can we meet to discuss some helpful strategies?

  • _______ is inquisitive and highly interested in science topics.

  • At this point, _______ has successfully mastered the core science concepts for this grade level.

  • _______ has advanced research skills and uses them very effectively in his/her work on science projects.
  • It would be helpful if _______ prepared and studied more diligently for science tests. I know she can put in more effort than she has been recently.

  • _______ is having trouble with many of the basic skills in science. Can we meet to discuss some helpful strategies?

  • _______ has a true enthusiasm and gift for hands-on science projects and activities. His effort is reflected in his high grade.

  • _______ did an outstanding job on her science project/presentation.
  • _______ should continue to practice science terms and vocabulary. Please continue to work on this nightly.
  • ______ understands and applies the scientific method in his/her hands-on activities.
  • The quality of _______'s science homework is inconsistent. His/her grade would improve with more consistent effort on science assignments.
  • _______ understands and practices lab safety concepts and principles.
  • _______ has strong analytic and problem-solving skills, and applies them effectively to science activities and assignments.
  • He/she is also an excellent citizen, as he/she frequently assists other students with concepts, not answers.
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  • _______ has difficulty retaining science terms and concepts.

  • _______ understands and applies lab safety techniques.

  • _______ understands the scientific method and uses it to solve problems.

  • _______ understands and uses basic science concepts and terms to ____.

  • _______ is still struggling with science tests and quizzes.

  • _______ understands and applies scientific notation and formulas.

  • _______ understands and applies math and language arts concepts and skills in science class.

  • _______ can perform basic research and apply learning to science assignments and activities.

  • _______ works well independently to complete science activities.

  • _______ works well with other students to complete group science activities.

  • _______ is able to create graphs using simple data.

  • _______ understands several methods of graphing.

  • _______ is beginning to memorize the _______.

  • _______ knows the basic elements of the Periodic Table.

  • _______ still needs strengthening in the concept of _______.

  • _______ does not know his/her science facts well.

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