Report Card Comments & Phrases for Distance Learning and Homeschooling

A selection of report card comments specifically suitable for appraising aspects of student performance during distance learning related to pandemic school closures. Ensure that the challenges your students overcame during remote learning are recognized and celebrated!
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Report Card Comments & Phrases for Distance Learning and Homeschooling

report card comments and grading essentials kit

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Grading comments for distance learning

  • __________________ engaged effectively with [classmates, teacher, paraprofessionals] during individual and group distance learning activities.

  • _________________ struggled early with participation in distance learning activities, but showed great persistence and became an active participant in his/hers own and his/her classmates’ learning.

  • Although _______________ demonstrated increasing confidence and engagement during online class sessions, he/she was often reluctant to join a discussion or activity without being asked.

  • _________________ did a great job adjusting to and following the modified school rules that were put in place during our distance learning sessions. He/she was a model for other students in this regard.

  • _________________ was able to effectively use [technology resource] with limited assistance to engage in class activities, complete and submit assignments, and communicate with teachers, staff, and other students.

  • _________________ did a great job staying focused during online learning sessions and activities, even when faced with distractions and technology glitches..

  • _________________ very effectively maintained his/her in-class behavior and work habits after the transition to distance learning. He/she demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt/adjust to a very challenging transition!

  • ________________ required minimal assistance with [technology resource(s)] and was helpful in assisting other students in developing proficiency with [technology resource(s)].

  • ________________ was an enthusiastic participant in online learning sessions, but sometimes had to be reminded to let other students have time to share their work and ideas, as well.

  • ________________ did an excellent job of following through on his/her completion of offline assignments, homework, research, and other independent activities.

  • ________________ was accountable for his/her attendance, behavior, and participation in distance learning sessions and was a model for other students in this regard.

  • ________________ responded very well to the challenging transition from in-class to distance learning, with the exception of submitting his/her assignments in a timely manner.

  • ________________ always showed up prepared, organized, and motivated to make the best of distance learning sessions. He/she was a joy to have in class.

  • ________________’s participation and behavior in distance learning sessions was inconsistent and sometimes disengaged or distracted. This was similar to/different from his/her behavior in a classroom setting.

  • ________________ struggled in the distance learning environment but tried hard and did his/her best to engage and be part of the discussions and activities.

  • ________________ was proactive and took initiative to reach out and ask for help when necessary, both academically and with technology and distance learning problems.

Report card comments for distance learning in elementary school 

  • _______________ has shown significant improvement in understanding and completing distance learning assignments.
  • _______________ has demonstrated a strong ability to manage time effectively during distance learning.
  • _______________ often needs reminders to remain on task and complete assignments during virtual learning sessions.
  • _______________ actively participates in virtual group discussions and demonstrates respect for their peers' contributions.
  • _______________ has developed a positive attitude towards virtual learning and always comes to sessions with enthusiasm.
  • _______________ is consistently prepared for learning and sets an excellent example for his/her peers in the virtual classroom.
  • _______________ has been very creative in completing assignments and projects in the virtual learning setting.
  • _______________ has shown increased confidence and independence in navigating technology for distance learning.
  • _______________ has been a supportive and collaborative team member during group projects in the virtual learning environment.
  • _______________ has made great strides in adapting to the distance learning environment but still needs support to stay focused during online sessions.
  • _______________ has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in adjusting to the challenges of distance learning.

Report card comments for distance learning in middle and high school 

  • _______________ demonstrated exceptional dedication to completing assignments in a timely manner during distance learning.
  • _______________ excelled in participating actively in virtual discussions and contributing valuable insights.
  • _______________ could benefit from more consistent engagement during online learning sessions.
  • _______________ showed great initiative in seeking help when struggling with remote learning tasks.
  • _______________ has worked hard to improve their independent learning skills during distance learning.
  • Despite the challenges of distance learning, _______________ maintained excellent attendance and participation.
  • _______________ effectively balanced multiple assignments and deadlines during distance learning.
  • _______________ made significant progress in adapting to the online learning environment.
  • _______________ demonstrated a positive attitude and commitment to learning in the virtual classroom.
  • _______________ was a supportive and helpful peer during online group projects.
  • _______________ showed great resilience and adaptability in transitioning to distance learning.
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